What Are A Narcissist's Weak Points? Here Are 10 Of Them

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Each one of us has our own weaknesses that hold us back in life; be it at work or in relationships. However, on a more positive note, most of us have the will to work on them and transform them. That being said, once narcissists are brought into the picture, the idea that they want to work on their weaknesses doesn’t exactly seem feasible. For a deeper understanding of these narcissists and more insights into the workings of their minds, discover their weak spots and which pointers they struggle with on a daily basis, yet aren't willing to admit or work on.

What Are A Narcissist's Weak Points? Here Are 10 Of Them

People with narcissistic tendencies may like to believe that they are invincible and have everything together, but that could not be any further from the truth. These individuals do have frailties that all essentially stem from their huge egos, need for control and lack of confidence.

10 Narcissistic weak points

They aren't as perfect as they think...

1) Poor listening skills

The biggest narcissistic weak point I want to focus on is listening skills. The only opinion someone with this personality disorder will listen to is their own. Now, these folks love listening to the sound of their own voice and almost never give other people the chance to speak up and share their thoughts. Their lack of willingness to listen combined with their oppressive nature means that they are impossible to open up to or share things with, because they simply don’t care enough to accord the time to listen.

2) Unable to accept criticism

Criticizing these people is a dangerous game and could trigger deep rage within them. Indeed, they have a very hard time taking onboard pointers and have complete faith in their abilities and talents, so why would they accept criticism? After all, they are completely perfect in their own eyes.

3) Major impatience

A narcissistic personality is synonymous with serious impatience because these individuals are so demanding. Their intense confidence means that they don’t believe they need to wait for things, for them, when they want something and snap their fingers, other people ought to step in line and realize and respect their wishes.

4) Lack of focus

Individuals with this personality type go through stages where they are completely and utterly obsessed with things, and then cast them to the side. They never truly stabilize their focus and are constantly on the lookout for bigger and better things, which implies that they disperse their energy poorly with poor concentration.

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5) Inability to understand other people’s feelings

Now, this will come as no surprise, but narcissistic traits include a major lack of empathy for other people’s feelings. Unfortunately, they are unable to comprehend emotions and therefore unequipped to deal with them, which means they come across as cold and almost robotic. For them, only their emotions matter, and this will never change.

6) Intense stubbornness

This particular weakness ties into several of the previously mentioned ones and relates back to their grandiose personality, which prevents them from ever backing down and changing their mind. The bottom line is that their egos make them believe that they are the most intelligent and that they are therefore superior in every realm of life, which justifies them discarding exterior inputs.

7) Greed

Success is what drives any narcissist, and it’s fair to say that these ruthless characters will do whatever it takes to climb to the top. Whether it involves using and manipulating people, or even spreading lies, they will do their utmost to claim the main prize. Indeed, focusing on the gold medal certainly encourages them to use underhanded tactics.

8) Disingenuous

Sincerity is a mysterious concept for these devious characters, who will never truly be open about their intentions and plans. Keeping their manipulative streak under wraps is their number one priority, and building a facade around themselves is therefore essential in fooling others into believing that their behavior is acceptable.

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9) Dishonesty

Another narcissistic weak spot is dishonesty. The truth of the matter is, (hello irony) that these folks struggle to be honest and choose to tell lies in order to serve their ambitions. After all, lies come naturally to them, and they know virtually no limits...

10) Aggressive behavior

Now, when narcissists feel like they are losing control, their ugliest traits can make an appearance and these include being both physically and verbally aggressive. Although they like people to believe that they are composed and have everything together, they are likely to lose their cool when they think they have reason to panic.

What would hurt a narcissist the most?

Narcissistic people are very concerned with their self-image and self-esteem, so what can cause them the most pain is often related to these aspects. Here are a few things that could have a negative impact on a narcissistic person:

  • Criticism and rejection: Direct criticism and rejection can be particularly hard for a narcissist to bear, as it challenges their perception of greatness and importance. Criticism can undermine their self-confidence and make them feel vulnerable.

  • Loss of control and admiration: They derive great satisfaction from the admiration and attention they receive from others. A loss of control over a situation, or a decrease in admiration from those around them, can be emotionally disturbing and call into question their sense of self-worth.

  • Public devaluation and humiliation: These folks often have high self-esteem and seek to maintain a positive image. Public devaluation or humiliation, which exposes their flaws or mistakes, can be particularly devastating for them, as it threatens their self-perception and image in front of others.

  • Questioning their skills or expertise: They often have a strong need to feel superior and competent in various areas. If their skills or expertise are called into question, this can undermine their self-confidence and create great frustration.

What destroys a narcissist? - 3 Things that destabilize them

Neutralizing a manipulative narcissist is not an easy task, as they are very persuasive, meaning they have a tremendous ability to get others to approach their way of seeing the world. At first, living with a narcissist can be exciting because they have a unique ability to seduce. They are adventurous and charming. However, over time, they begin to show their true nature and that's when the problems begin. Although, there are certain things you can do to destroy one;

1. Saying no

The narcissist has a huge problem listening, because they believe that they are always right and that all their desires must be met. These types of people do not accept opinions that differ from their own, even making threats when they notice they are not in control of the situation.

By saying no in an assertive and calm manner, the narcissist, who is already used to always hearing your yes, will be surprised. Although at first this person will probably try to manipulate you (yelling, threatening, playing the victim, etc.), if you tell them often, the narcissist will change their image of you - that you are ignorant and manipulative - and look for another victim.

2. Telling them, ‘I'm not afraid of you’

One of the ways the narcissist finds to dominate and manipulate others is through fear and threats. Initially, they seek to observe the other person's weaknesses to use to their advantage in the future. If you tell them something intimate, it is very likely that at some point they will threaten to share it with others. Also, they like to talk about other people's weaknesses to make them feel inferior. Not taking him seriously is a good way to teach him that you are not afraid of such provocations. Let him get angry, it's not your problem. And keep in mind that a narcissist doesn't know how to act towards those he can't intimidate.

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3. Letting them know that the world does not revolve around you

Every narcissist believes that he or she is unique, special, and that the other person exists to satisfy his or her needs. The dynamics of the relationship with a narcissistic person are usually very unequal. One party gives too much without receiving anything in return. If you want to stop this abusive behavior, uttering this phrase can be a good way to start. Especially if it is accompanied by a change in attitude. You should stop prioritizing the narcissist's wishes and focus more on your own needs.

Female narcissist weak points - 3 of their biggest ones

Much like their male counterparts, female narcissists are fairly fragile creatures under the layers of brash bravado. Whilst they like to make other people believe that they are full of confidence and are comfortable in their own skin, the reality couldn’t be any different. Indeed, these women are very damaged and often display many evident weaknesses, which they obviously try to dissimulate.

1) A lack of empathy

The biggest female narcissist weak point is their blatant lack of empathy and compassion for anyone else. In fact, these females struggle to care about anyone other than themselves and can never conjure up any semblance of sympathy when those around them are going through bad times. They simply lack the patience and understanding to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes.

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2) Diminished self-esteem

Whilst they may appear very confident in themselves, in reality, this is all just an act. They are in fact very insecure people who are constantly worried about what those close to them think. They struggle with confidence in all aspects of their lives, be it their friendships or even professionally, so don’t be fooled by their facade.

3) Fear of abandonment

Female narcissists hate the idea of being betrayed and left high and dry, especially in relationships. They are constantly worried about being left alone, and their anxieties often awaken darker traits in them, which could possibly explain their twisted behavior. They hate the idea of being alone because they simply aren’t happy in themselves or in their own company.

What happens when a narcissist feels defeated?

Because they think so highly of themselves, narcissists can't stand feeling defeated or disrespected. They need to think that everyone is interested in them, and that their whole life revolves around them. For these manipulators, feeling down and rejected is a painful thing that makes them feel insecure, and they can't stand the feeling. This can mean that a narcissistic person finds it hard to trust others because they're too afraid to risk getting hurt. When things go wrong, they tend to pull away, claiming that the break-up was their choice all along.

What scares off a narcissist?

Being ignored definitely scares these folks because narcissists certainly need attention. It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative attention, just being there is enough. They can't stand it when people ignore or fail to notice them. They want to be the center of everything, so they'd rather a scene or drama put them in the spotlight than stand still in a corner. Try to avoid narcissistic people in your life, as they bring a lot of negativity and drama. But if you have to deal with them, remember what scares them, so you can use it against them when they try to manipulate or dominate you.

Editor’s opinion - Even narcissists have weak spots

No one is perfect, and no one should claim to be either, including egotistical narcissists. The key point to note here is that recognizing our areas for improvement is half of the journey towards rectifying them, yet those with this particular personality disorder are simply incapable of doing so, which makes them even more dangerous and reckless. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our downfalls, but we shouldn’t remain in denial in regard to them either.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, and be happy... Let’s do it here and now


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My Mother is 100% Narcissist. I WAS her scapegoat child. I am in recovery. I don’t need to be that label anymore. I have been uncovering my true self. It’s so freeing when you can look at your family of origin and say…ohhhh…I get it now. Sick people hurt people. I am not sure what happened to my Mother to become this way. Maybe her Mom\Dad were Narcs. I don’t know. I do know that I am breaking free from the curse. It’s not mine to carry.

My heart goes out to you....the mother of my daughters is a narcissist and I worry about my oldest and she is only 8...I see how she is just an extension for their mom to meet her own needs ...we have 50/50 custody....I would like more but my girls would not understand and it also will hurt them...at times all I feel I can do is pray for my daughters...

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