Sport: Let's Get Active

Working out has many valuable benefits, it clears our heads, gets us in shape and makes us feel great about ourselves! (Even if it also makes us suffer with aches and pains for days afterwards). Whether you are an avid sportswoman or a Sunday jogger, here you’ll find our advice to get active. And to think of all those times we complained about playing sport in high school!

Whether you're an athlete, a die-hard sportswoman or a weekend warrior, we all need to get moving to feel good about ourselves. Here, we'll give you our latest victories, advice and encouragement. No, we're not top athletes but we try to have fun and after all, that's what counts, isn't it?

Do you jog on Sundays and hang out on the couch? Well, thanks to our advice, you'll might want to run around the block!

'All progress takes place outside the comfort zone' 

- Michael John Bobak

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