How Long Will A Narcissist Rebound Relationship Last?

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Narcissist rebound relationships generally last anywhere from 6-months to a year. Now, whilst the timeframe depends on each individual, these twisted personalities usually head into these relationships with a plan in mind, meaning they know exactly when and where they'll break things off. Plus, when they are in the final stages of a relationship with you, they are no doubt in the process of grooming their next victim. That's right, the need for a constant narcissistic supply means that they aren't likely to date any one person for an extensive period of time. For them, they require fresh blood every 6-months or so because they simply get bored. Let's take a look at the reasons why they keep their rebounds short, but not so sweet.

How Long Will A Narcissist Rebound Relationship Last?

Now, before we get into the thick of things, we need to keep one thing in mind, and that's that narcissists are completely incapable of being in a healthy and stable relationship. Their complete ineptitude in love explains why they jump from fling to fling and rebound to rebound. They simply aren't cut out to love, but their manipulative and controlling tendencies mean that they need a permanent figure in their lives to be able to take advantage of, without ever getting too attached to them.

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5 Reasons why rebound narcissist relationships typically only last from 6-months to a year

These are the 5 reasons why these flings never turn into anything serious.

1) Narcissists become too controlling

Now, although people with narcissistic personality disorders never really look for anything serious when it comes to love, they can't stop themselves from wanting to control everything. Sitting back and going with the flow just aren't in their nature, instead, they need to be the ones calling the shots and micromanaging everything they possibly can. In short, rebound relationships are more suited to laid-back personalities, who are just looking for a good time.  

2) Their insecurities double

Rebound relationships are typically formed on a hookup basis, meaning there is no official exclusivity agreement in place. Whilst having this flexibility suits certain people, those with grandiose tendencies struggle and tend to focus on their flaws as a result of not having someone to constantly stroke their ego. For them, not having a permanent partner that they can lean on, and by the way, abuse eventually wears them down.

3) They become even more critical

Regardless of the relationship status, a narcissist's vicious tendencies will always show through, and they'll never be able to hide them forever. Whenever they hook up with someone, they'll automatically criticize their partner and make them feel bad about themselves, and in particular their bodies. That's right, they won't have a nice word to say about them, and will therefore push them away in no time.

4) They don't want to invest themselves

Let's be clear on this, a narcissist never really looks for love and is only ever on the lookout for victims that they can manipulate into doing whatever they wish. This automatically means that they aren't in it for the long haul and only ever want to get involved with someone when it suits them, and when they have something to gain from the relationship. Trust me, they never plan on becoming the father of your children, for example.

5) They aren't prepared to change

Ultimately, narcissists never change. Although during their previous relationships, they no doubt promised they would, in reality, they are incapable of becoming better people, which evidently makes it hard to love them, or even to develop feelings for them. When dating one, you'll find yourself making all the effort, which your toxic partner won't even appreciate.

Editor's note - Love is an alien concept for these guys

Whilst most people dream of falling in love and settling down, folks with narcissistic personalities tend to view this life plan as completely monotonous. Whilst they can never truly love anyone, they need a solid supply of victims to manipulate, which is why they are seemingly willing to date people who appear to lack confidence in themselves. Ultimately, they will only ever pretend to have feelings for those that they date, and will only ever feign interest in them to get what they want.

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