Why Is It That I Fall Out Of Love So Quickly?

My longest relationship only lasted 2 years which is a big achievement for me because I can never usually get past the 6-month mark without getting bored. Am I cursed with an eternal dissatisfaction in love? Either relationships seem to come about at the wrong time and fizzle out or the routine of it all just gets too much for me. Iโ€™m despairing, so letโ€™s take a look at why we get bored in relationships.

What is the secret to a lasting relationship? Given that I can’t seem to stay in one for longer than 6 months, I’d love to know! My problem is that I get bored when I’m with someone. At the beginning, I get butterflies in my stomach, but as time draws on, the routine becomes monotonous and time seems to stand still. If I put as much energy into saving my relationships as I do into looking for reasons to flee, then I wouldn’t be here writing this.

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Why do I get bored in relationships?

I get ahead of myself and then get bored…

Spending time at home with your friends, meeting up with your family or going away for the weekend are all things I love doing. I’m naturally a fast-paced person and always want to speed through. Being so fast means that I barely take the time to enjoy things and always want to rush. Once the first few months fly by in a relationship, I start looking for a way out and become overwhelmed with boredom.

I hate falling into a routine

Either the men I date are completely unimaginative or I just hate routine. Having the same ritual every day and every week is completely mundane and dull. I want to be surprised and kept on my toes, that includes sexually too.

I romanticize love just like in the movies

Romcoms never show Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant coming home at night exhausted after working all day. Love and romance are hard work and need constant efforts to keep the flame alight. Couples change and at times, feelings do too. We’re hardly likely to snog each other’s faces off at 60 years old like we did when we were teens. Accepting different stages of relationships is a huge learning curve and teaches us lots about who we are.

I’m a victim of my generation

I always want more and am never really satisfied when I get what I want. Look around you, everyone is virtually the same nowadays and is influenced by social media and their online appearance. We are totally spoiled for choice and live by the motto of there being many more fish in the sea. The times of marrying someone from the same neighborhood are over.

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The glass is always half empty

Now, I don’t think I’m perfect, but I do want my partner to be! I want to be treated like a princess and wooed to my every desire. Being eternally unsatisfied means coping with things can be hard, especially when I don’t get my own way. It takes a special kind of person to keep me grounded and entertained, but unfortunately for me, I’m yet to find that person.

My anxiety is out of control

If I watch a horror movie, I constantly apprehend something bad happening, even though nothing has happened. In relationship, I’m exactly the same! I find myself in a cycle of not wanting things to fail but being impuissant when faced with change.

Am I ready for a relationship?

Am I ignoring the obvious? I seem to want to put the blame on other people, but am I actually the problem in all of this? Perhaps I should in fact take some time out for myself and decide what I want rather than jump into rocky relationships.

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