How Do You Know If You Love Someone? 10 Signs That Don't Lie!

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I love him, madly, passionately, madly... Or perhaps not at all... I'll admit it, I'm one of those people who know when they are in love, I operate on a crush and strong attraction basis. However, this is not the case for everyone! Sometimes we don't know if it's love, lust, or something else that we feel. How do you know if you are head over heels in love with someone? Love is a pretty mysterious feeling, but there are 10 confirmation signs which prove you've found that someone special.


10 Signs that confirm you love someone

There's no shame in asking yourself if you really love someone or not, even relationship experts agree. Our emotions are not always obvious to decipher, especially when we start to fall deeply in love. We don't know if we are in a short-lived passion, in a loving relationship, or if we are just emotionally dependent on someone. When it comes to long-lasting love, it's legitimate to wonder, especially when we want to make sure of the presence of our feelings before verbalizing them. So here we go with the 10 signals that let us know if we love someone πŸ‘‡ !

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1. We want to be with the person all the time βœ…

When we are in love, one thing is simple, we want to be with the person all the time. At least, that's the case for me! I want to show him my passions and also learn about him, too. I tend to only want to talk to him and tell him all the little details of my day.

πŸ‘‰ We can have a carnal relationship at first. However, if you want to be with the person all the time, maybe that means you end up getting attached and falling in love...

2. Your body confirms it βœ…

I just want to talk about the butterflies in your stomach πŸ¦‹. You know, it's when your heart flutters, your palms sweat, you shake, you get goosebumps... Then, you feel immense joy at the thought of being in his (or her) company. I feel like that when I know I'm going to see the person or when I'm just talking to them. If on top of that the exchange is rich, and I see that there is some banter, my heart skips a bit!

3. The person occupies a crazy amount of space in our thoughts βœ…

We feel like we can't spend a single second without thinking about him or her. Their image spontaneously comes to our mind several times a day, if not all the time. Personally, I'm a great stage director in my head, as I play out a bunch of scenarios where I declare my love πŸ€£ ! This can take other forms too: you log into your Instagram account just to see some pictures of him/her. It's not to stalk, but just to feel the butterflies in your stomach πŸ₯° !

4. We talk about the person a lot βœ…

This is definitely a pretty strong red flag and a telltale sign that you are head over heels. When all you can think about is your first name, it means there's a pretty clear obsession. Usually, we don't realize it too much, it's always someone from the outside who points it out to us. My friends have already said to me, "you often talk about what's-his-name, you're not falling in love by chance? Oops, busted 🀭!

5. The feeling came out of nowhere βœ…

Everything is going well, we lead our little life quietly, and then bam! We start to have an inordinate attraction for an unknown person. It doesn't matter what kind of meeting it is: at a party with friends, on Tinder (even if we hate dating apps a bit 😬), at the mall, etc. It falls on us, without it being really explainable. It's like our heart takes over our head and body, all at once.

6. We really want to learn about the person βœ…

We have to question our desire to be with someone or if we really have feelings for someone. This is a complex questioning process, especially when the relationship is in the early stages. However, if you are interested in the person's activities and life as a whole, it is a good sign. If we just like to spend time with them, without really exchanging and discovering anything, maybe our feelings are not really there, and this isn't a romantic love story...

7. We don't care about other men or women anymore βœ…

For me, it was a big step toward realizing that I would not be interested in other men. There was only one person I was attracted to, both romantically and sexually. Well, there is a nuance to have, because I am used to exclusive relationships. This is the case for many people (thanks society, huh, πŸ˜…), but there are people who are in love with several individuals at the same time and that's called polyamory!

8. We see a future for ourselves with the person βœ…

Regardless of the stage of the relationship, if we project ourselves with the being at the center of our desires, it's very good news. How many times have I pictured myself settling down with, having children... when I was in love. Also, I would say that if it continues, even if time passes, it means that the love has really settled. If we stay in the projection, it's a green flag πŸ’š!

9. We worry about not hearing from them βœ…

There are times when we are not with the person, and it is normal, spending too much time together isn't always a sign of a healthy relationship. Nevertheless, being away from our loved one can give us some concerns, especially when news is scarce. We can have a harmless worry, and we hope that everything is fine for the person. Be careful, however, to let the other person breathe and not to fall into paranoia.

10. You feel good around them βœ…

Overall, when we are in love, we feel good. Loving the other person pulls us up, and we want to give our best to have a great relationship. All these positive feelings, we must feed ourselves and pay attention to them. Of course, it can happen that we feel a little jealousy, it is linked to the desire to be in an exclusive relationship. But as long as the negative emotions don't take over, that's the main thing.

⚠️ You can love someone and be in a toxic relationship. Watch out for red flags in this case, whether it's the other person's behavior or our own!

If you checked at least half the boxes, you probably love someone! And while it's still hard to verbalize feelings, it's still possible to say "I love you" without actually saying it πŸ’“ !

Editor's opinion: Is it yes or is it no?

How many times did you answer "yes" to the points above? If there is a large majority of yes's, then it is clear, you are in love and that is wonderful! If you didn't recognize yourself, if you answered "no", then it's probably not true love. It's up to you to put words to your feelings and decide what you want to do with your love interest...  If your relationships are complicated and disappointing, and the same patterns are repeated over and over again, it is a good idea to take stock of yourself and your expectations.

πŸ€— Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... It's here and now!

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