"My Ex Was Crazy" If A Guy Says This… Run!

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I am probably the crazy ex. At least, I'm pretty sure some of my exes present me that way to their new girlfriends. Except that description shouldn’t be overlooked because it reveals a lot about a man’s behavior and could be seen as a red flag. What's behind it when a man talks about his ex, who was an alleged total nut job? Here’s why you ought to run as fast as you can if you’re currently dating a guy who deems his ex as crazy.


What does it mean when a man claims his ex-girlfriend was crazy?

Well, when a guy says this, it can mean a lot of things that I didn't know how to decipher before. When men would say that to me, I initially used to feel like he had been in a toxic relationship with a manipulative woman and I would think "oh poor guy 😳". But now I’ve come to realize that it was more the other way around. I think Natalie Portman hit the nail on the head here, during her speech at Power of Women, she said, "If a man tells you a woman is crazy or a pain in the ass, ask him: what did you do to her to make her that way?".

The translation of "my ex is nuts."

When I hear a man say this, I now translate it this way: "I led her on, played with her emotions and destroyed her sanity. Now I'm making her out to be crazy when she was rightfully hurt, but I’ll go ahead demonizing her anyway."

⚠️ In short, this is narcissistic behaviorso it is best to avoid this type of man. By the way, this phrase is on my list of red flags. Basically, these are the danger signals that you need to run away from someone who is completely unhealthy.

A sexist language tic

To label a woman "crazy" or hysterical is a common tactic to discredit her emotions and experiences 😠. Men often use this term to absolve themselves and put the blame on women. Using this term to describe women in a romantic relationship speaks volumes about male behavior 🙄...

Why should we run away from a man who says this to us?

Besides reflecting sexist behavior, which is already an excuse to run away, I now have a list of reasons written in my mind that keep me from getting involved.

👉 Because he doesn't question himself.

If he's telling us this when the relationship isn't even committed, it gives us a big clue for what's next: there will be no second-guessing on his part. He's not going to question why he was hurtful or why he hurt our emotions. In short, for him, everything has to go his way 🤦♀️.

👉 Because he is immature

It's very childish behavior to blame the failure of the relationship on the person who can't speak from their perspective. This goes hand in hand with a lack of questioning! This lack of maturity is recurrent in manipulators, they feel that it is others who have to adapt to them.

👉 Because he doesn't own up to his mistakes

Sometimes we do things that we are not proud of. Some may even lead to a breakup, but you have to step back and take ownership. It's really a difficult exercise since you have to introspect and have a neutral eye. But it shows how much we decide to take into account all aspects of our personality, unlike a man who blatantly refuses to 👀.

👉 Because he can be violent.

I'm not necessarily talking about physical abuse, but more psychological abuse. It's legitimate to wonder what the person did to cause the "ex" for her to behave so extremely. In my past relationships, I have had exes who manipulated me and made me feel so miserable... Yes, people can indeed be violent with words too.

The phrase you want to hear: "we had differences ..."

Like, I said, it took me a while to realize that "my ex was crazy" was a problematic phrase. It wasn't until I talked to one of these famous ex-girlfriends that my partner dated that I realized the gravity of the problem. All the behaviors he was blaming her for were actually his responsibility. So, now I can confidently say that I prefer a man who tells me "We have had our differences, but I respect her and wish her the best". It's much more mature and much sexier. Most of all, it shows that he's a healthy person, which is why it's part of my green flags 💚!

The opinion of the editors: We’re all someone’s crazy ex

You’ve no doubt already got the message, but it is necessary to be attentive to this kind of speech, which says a lot about the individual you have in front of you. Let's not forget that we are all the crazy ex. of someone, right? Although, the individuals that make such claims are likely to drag you into a toxic relationship that will destroy you psychologically. If you have any doubts about your relationship or the person you are dating, don't hesitate to talk to a psychologist.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... It's here and now!

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