How To Recognize You’re In A Toxic Relationship And Escape

Does he criticize you constantly? Does he always put you down and make you feel weak and worthless? If any of these situations ring true to you, then it’s probably about time you gave your relationship some thought and started thinking about getting out of it and moving on. We're here to discuss what makes a relationship toxic and what we need to do to put an end to the abuse. It's time you made your future brighter and started focusing on your wellbeing.


Even if you’ve spent years with your partner and feel like you’ve fallen into a toxic routine, we're here to guide you through with what to do. Are you still in love with your partner despite what he puts you through and how he makes you feel? Discover how you can get out of your toxic relationship and find happiness once again.

The definition of a toxic relationship

A relationship should make you feel good about yourself, but if it makes you feel terrible and brings you down then there’s a problem. Toxic relationships are characterized by manipulative partners who make you feel bad and who ultimately destroy your self-confidence and esteem.

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3 Signs of a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships take time to come about and develop, but when they finally do, they definitely hit hard. Here are some of the top signs you are in one:

1) You feel constantly criticized

If your partner always seems to want to change you and is never really satisfied with you, then this is an important sign that you need to break things off. Being put down by your partner and made to feel bad or inadequate about your appearance is also a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. When you can’t be yourself, it’s never a good sign.

2) You feel isolated

If your partner seems to want to take you away from your friends and family, then the bad news is, your relationship isn’t a healthy one. Him becoming jealous of your close friends and family should also set off alarm bells.

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3) You’re scared of disappointing him

If you are in constant fear of disappointing him and always worry about not being able to live up to his demands, then there’s a problem. If you find yourself putting your partner’s wishes before your own then there are definitely some deep-rooted issues that need to be addressed.

Answering yes to these questions will help you answer 'is my relationship toxic?'

  • Do you feel criticized and put down?
  • Do you feel isolated from your loved ones and closed in?
  • Are you afraid to talk about your feelings with your partner and really be yourself around them?

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How to escape from a bad relationship

1) Recognize that you’re the victim

You can only ignore obvious signs that you are the victim of manipulative abuse for so long. If you identify yourself in any of the signs evoked above then you are in a toxic relationship and need to be aware of it.

2) Put an end to it 

Whether you’re dating a manipulator, a narcissist pervert or a passive aggressive person, the bottom line is your partner needs help. If your partner turns down the option of getting help, then unfortunately, you need to end the relationship immediately and walk away. Putting yourself first is essential, although walking out is tough, it needs to be done and will benefit you mutually.

3) Rebuild yourself

After years of being in a toxic relationship, having the sentiment of losing part of yourself is completely normal. Developing affectionate dependence towards your partner is virtually inevitable, but know that you’ll eventually learn to love life once again!

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