How To Get Over An Ex. Our Psychologist Reveals All

Getting over an ex isn’t always an easy process because we all love and heal differently. Whilst for some, a quick hookup and a few weeks of reflection is enough, others take much longer to heal and move forward. Whatever method you choose when it comes to forgetting about your past love experiences, know that it takes a lot of strength; our inhouse psychologist reveals why.


Why do breakups hurt so much?

When a relationship comes to an end and heartbreak kicks in, the reality of what awaits us comes to light. Going your own separate ways can be daunting and intimidating, but it’s an important part of the healing path. You’ll no doubt have to face some strong emotions during this period, but know that it’s all part of the rebuilding process. 


Everyone goes through heartbreak differently, yet some will be confronted with particularly strong feelings of anger, depression and even denial.

What differentiates dealing with a breakup with grieving the death of a loved one is the idea that life goes on. Although the two scenarios seem vastly different, they both implicate pain, sadness, hurt and discomfort. 

That being said, breakups can lead us to losing confidence in ourselves and wondering for example what you could have done differently or why you weren’t good enough.

Following a breakup, we normally go through a stage of blaming ourselves and often wonder if we’ll ever meet anyone again. No matter what has go on or how hard you tried, know that you cannot prevent the inevitable. Love is not something we can rationally understand which is why it’s so hard to let go and move on.

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What hurts the most?

In every sincere relationship, we feel comfortable and safe with our partner and which is why we can sometimes lose our way when things come to an end. Facing the end of a relationship can even make you feel as if you’ve lost part of yourself.

A breakup will submerge you in memories of your relationship and you may even feel like you can’t get through certain moments. 

Rebuilding yourself and your confidence will be a trying journey but will help you find who you really.

How can we heal after a breakup?

By getting back to the basics and spending time doing what you love, you’ll definitely find yourself on the right track. Life is full of changes and we all have what it takes to overcome them. When we decide to take control and pick ourselves up, we become stronger and learn our true value.

The challenge involves accepting what you have lost and realizing that life goes on. Taking the positive points from your relationship including what you have learned will also help you take a step in the right direction. Although you’ll go through hard times, tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day and positive things are coming your way.

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How to get over an ex? Is it possible?

If we take a closer look at the definition of forgetting, it involves leaving something somewhere or forgiving. The truth is, we never forget about our exes and to fully move forward, we need to intensely work on ourselves and accept the reality of the situation. 


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