Help, I Feel Lost And Don’t Know What To Do With My Life!

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Between the teenager that I once was and the woman that I now am, there have been many changes, yet one thing has always remained constant, despite the studies, the travel and the different jobs. You guessed it, that one constancy is that I still don't know what to do with my life. But, is it a bit late for me to still be on the quest for meaning and sense? Let’s face it, figuring out what you were destined to do is a dilemma that crosses lots of people’s minds, despite their age.

Help, I Feel Lost And Don’t Know What To Do With My Life!

Is there a passion hiding somewhere?

When you feel like you are stuck in a rut and are struggling to figure out what you want to do, it all comes back to passion or the lack of it. It's true, we were brought up with the idea that we had to work, not matter whether we enjoyed doing it. These scenarios raise the question about personal satisfaction and fulfillment. What is the meaning of it all? Where is the contentment and the pleasure of doing something that makes us smile? Beyond looking for a life that lives up to other people’s standards, more and more of us are actually looking for a life that has meaning, with activities that are in line with our deepest wishes, values, and well-being. However, moving from one system to another isn’t easy and this is often the reason, at any age, we find ourselves wondering what to do and where to head.

However, we need to be careful not to pressure ourselves into discovering passions. Not everyone is obliged to be zealous, to have a dream or even a goal. Passion should not be the be all and end all that limits you from following your heart. For example, you can look for a creative job but in a field that does not necessarily fascinate you.

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Is it worrying that I don’t know which path to follow?

No, not at all, on the contrary! If we dig deep, we soon realize that we feel confused because we have become aware that we are missing something and that we can take action. It is never too late to do well or better. The problem is that after the confusion stage comes the ‘I need to change my life at all costs’ stage, and not everyone is ready for that. It's normal to dream about transformation, but few take action because it's so difficult. Really difficult… Although, at the beginning, you have to start by considering that another way is possible, despite it perhaps rejecting the path traced by our parents and society. Then you have to trust yourself and stop listening to others. By not paying attention to their opinions, you’ll be able to look for your own unique and personal vision. It is a long-term task that requires open-mindedness and a complete deconstruction of our thought patterns.

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How can I find my way in this big world? 5 Tips to discovering your passion

1. Be curious and try different things

Stepping outside your comfort zone is a good way to discover new talents and new interests. So, don't hesitate to try things. Try a new experience, learn something new and even discover a new place.

2. Cultivate your childhood dreams

Do you remember those girls who dreamed of becoming Princesses? Well, even as adults, lots of them definitely haven't forgotten about this dream. While it might be too late to become a rock star or an astronaut, reconnecting with the child you used to be may indeed help you find an interest or activity that inspires you.

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3. Take stock of your values and priorities

This is an essential step in finding one's way. Your values must now become the basis of your new path, they must be the framework for your actions, because living a life in accordance with your values will allow you to finally blossom. Don't choose an activity that takes you away from home if your priority is family and, on the other hand, don't give up training on the other side of the world if what you want is travel.

4. Find your motivation

Changing your life requires a lot of motivation, so you will have to find out what inspires you. Find out about those activities that you put your heart into, those that encourage you to get up in the morning.

5. Take a step back

If you tell yourself that you don't know where you are headed, it's probably because the job you do and the lifestyle you lead no longer suits you. So, take a step back so that you can think things through calmly. For example, a vacation is the best time to take stock of your work life. Give yourself a break from your daily routine and habits to find new opportunities to consider new horizons.

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3 Questions to ask yourself to find what you're passionate about

What is your passion? You know, that thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and helps you maintain your enthusiasm until the end of the day. It's about achieving a state of harmony and satisfaction, feeling like everything is in its place. Identifying your passion is not only important to help you achieve a certain level of well-being, but also to perhaps allow you to make it an integral part of your life, your profession for example. Here are 7 questions to try to find it.

1) What are your 3 favorite topics of discussion?

What is the subject you could talk about for hours? What are the topics that drive you to the point where you can't see the time passing? The topics of conversation you like actually say a lot about you, they reveal what you really like in life.

2) What areas do you enjoy spending time reading/watching/learning?

Work is often long and tedious, so you might as well find something you like to spend time on. It will be easier for you to excel, learn, review and work overtime if you work in a field that interests you.

3) What are your 3 core values?

It is impossible to find what you are passionate about without having clearly identified the values that define you. Because it is the respect for these values and the coherence between your gestures, your thoughts, and your actions that will allow you to find harmony and serenity. Thus, the fog dissipates, you doubt yourself less, you see things more clearly and decisions come more quickly.

Editor's note — The best time is now

‘I don't know if it's the right time’, ‘I'm not sure if I'm ready’, ‘I'm not qualified enough’. Enough with the excuses! The best time to start acting is now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to take the plunge. Pulling your courage together is tough, yet so worth it in the end! Hey, that's what winning is all about!

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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