9 Tips For Believing In Yourself, Confidence Can Be Learned!

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“I’m not sure of myself”, “I don’t think I can do it…”, “I’m not good enough…”, “I’m too much of this, too much of that”… STOP! As you know, for something to work, you have to believe in it, so have confidence and dare to believe in yourself. And as it’s not always easy to believe in yourself, here are 9 simple and effective tips to make you feel like Beyoncé!

🎤 “ I believe I can fly,I believe I can touch the sky… If I can see it, then I can do it... ” That sums it up perfectly. So no, we may not be Michael Jordan (but just in case, you never know… “Hi Michael, nice to see you there!”), and obviously, we’re not Bugs Bunny (no, right? Otherwise, it seems we can talk about it with competent people).

In short, “self-confidence” may not yet be a given with us, and that’s good because we’re there for that! Indeed, if believing in yourself isn’t natural, it can be learned, and it’s not all for show!

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Here are our 9 tips for learning to believe in yourself:

1. Focus on your strengths

Identify the area in which you feel you lack confidence. On the one hand, it allows you to find a concrete area to work on. And, on the other hand, it will boost your ego a bit by realizing that there are many other areas where you don’t do so badly, or where you do very well even!

2. Visualize your goal

Visualize your goal and above all think about it positively! Any other ideas that go against its success are forbidden. You can also make a mood board so that you don’t lose sight of your goals, we love it!

3. Call upon resource images

In order to cope with little slumps, we make a mental album of our successes, moments of well-being, laughter, peace… And we call upon them when we need a little boost.

4. Practice on yourself!

We make promises to ourselves, and we keep them! Even if they’re small, even if they’re just for the hell of it, and even better if we’re like the cat that got the cream. A promise kept, whether for us or for someone else, is a confidence bonus earned. In short, you promise yourself something nice, you succeed = that’s already great, but on top of that you boost your confidence, so it’s all good!

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5. Get out of your comfort zone

Yes, at first, it might not be a very nice feeling, we walk on eggshells, we’re afraid of the slightest mistake, the slightest nonsense that comes out of our mouth… And then “slowly, like a thief in the night”, things get better and better when we realize that there’s nothing to fear but good surprises. And the more little victories you achieve, the more you’ll believe in yourself!

6. Learn to assert yourself

And assertiveness, somewhat contradictory, means knowing how to say “no”So from now on, when you don’t want to do something or provide that service that honestly makes you sweat, you politely decline (after all, you’re a well-mannered girl!). You will feel relieved not to have to carry an extra burden, and you’ll feel perky because you felt strong enough to say “no”.

7. Become your best friend

Give yourself all the kindness and tolerance in the world to encourage yourself to go out and win. As you would with your sister or your best friend! What’s more, you can lend yourself the super top that gives you crazy cleavage without asking permission.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Those who know us know how to value our qualities and above all want us to be happy. We no longer get bogged down with toxic people. “It’s better to be alone than surrounded by the wrong people!”

9. Call on the help of a coach

Sometimes we have more resources than we know what to do with. So if necessary, don’t hesitate to call on a coach, who will help you to bring out all your hidden talents.

💪 Editor’s note: Get help

Sometimes our life, experiences, or limiting beliefs prevent us from believing in ourselves and our abilities. Getting rid of them takes time and a lot of work of yourself in order to instill a new way of thinking. If you’re unable to believe in yourself or your chances, make an appointment with one of our psychologists. Together, you’ll identify the source of this behavior, and you’ll find solutions to get better.

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