How To Rediscover Your Sex Drive: 10 Tips For Increased Desire

Fatigue, stress or the hustle and bustle of everyday life can impact your libido. Are you currently going through a sex drought and feel like it’s having a negative impact on your relationship? If you want to rediscover the burning sensation of hot passion, we have the best tips on how you can rediscover your sex drive.

Are you in the situation where you no longer want to make love, or no longer desire your partner, yet feel guilty because of this? Fatigue, stress and relationship problems are all factors that can cause a drop in libido... Fortunately, solutions exist to boost your sex drive and help you find a fulfilling sex life. Do you want to rekindle the desire in your relationship? Discover our 10 tips to do just that!

Loss of your sex drive: 10 tips to boost it

1. Discuss the problem with your partner

As with any relationship problem, it’s best to start with a discussion that will help identify the problem. If the desire disorder has a medical origin, the best solution is to consult a doctor.

2. Relax

Sources of stress can have a negative impact on your sex drive. Working out to let off steam or sophrology are good ways to release stress.

3. Rest

Fatigue is one of the most common factors in a low sex drive. When we are tired, sleep is our only goal.

4. Don't force yourself

You may feel guilty or even panicked that your partner might go elsewhere. This guilt may make you do certain things just so you don't disappoint them. By doing so, you may become more blocked and create more discomfort. So, avoid forcing yourself and learn to say no!

5. Gain self-confidence

If you are not comfortable in your body, if you lack self-confidence, it’s difficult to feel sexy. Focusing on your complexes or even suffering from dysmorphophobia, could lead you to think that your partner doesn't want you anymore. Your partner must reassure you and help you to feel good about yourself!

6. Talk about it around you

Sexuality remains a taboo subject, loss of libido even more so! And yet, the best way to solve it is by talking about it and listening to the advice of those who have also experienced it.

7. Spice up your sex life

Suggest new sexual experiences to your significant other, share your ideas! Desire is also in the atmosphere, learn how to kiss in different ways, dare to try new ways to make the passion rise!

8. Create a craving

It's important to keep a certain distance to better regain the desire to be with the other person. It's well known that sexual desire increases with distance. 

9. Break the routine

After months or even years with your partner, a certain routine has set in. Don't hesitate to surprise your partner by taking care of yourself, or by taking time together away from work and daily life. Dare to take your partner to new places, treat yourself to a candlelit meal... Finding time for each other is a secret for lasting relationships.

10. Don't hesitate to consult a sex therapist.

If the drop in libido is putting a strain on your relationship, don't hesitate to call a sex therapist. This is a moment that offers a break and allows you to ask yourself the real questions to free yourself from your emotions.

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