Why Working From Home Is More Tiring Than Going Into The Office

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Less time wasted taking transport, less stress around you, everything suggests working from home is more relaxing than office life. Yet, these past months have been the death of me. My colleagues are no longer there to urge me on, and my obligations at home prevent me from concentrating. Working from home isn’t the most relaxing option for working. Here are 5 reasons to explain this fatigue.


5 Reasons why I feel more tired working from home than in the office

Could it be a source of burn-out?

1. My coworkers aren’t there to urge me on

All of us together form a team. When one of us has a dip in morale or a dip in motivation, two others come running to help right away 💪. Isolated at home, the relationships – despite being maintained through social media and other instant messaging platforms – aren’t the same.

The helping each other out and the bursts of good moods aren’t as noticeable now. And then, it must be said, in normal times, they allowed me to take my mind off family disputes. Having fun without leaving the house is much harder.

2. I have children to look after at home, and it's TOUGH

If anyone has any advice on how to combine working from home and looking after children, I’d love to know. When they’re not begging for my attention, I can hear them at the other end of the house. How much longer can I survive without committing infanticide? As much as I love them with all my heart, not having moments of calm and concentration is weighing on me.

3. I find it hard to get things in perspective

In small doses, working from home is a good way to prevent burnout, but in large doses, the overlap between my private and professional life leads to higher stress levels. Am I at home or at work? How do I manage not to get caught up in the call of household chores? How can I concentrate in the midst of all these temptations? I don’t know where to turn anymore, and each day is more exhausting than the last.

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4. The conditions aren’t optimal: where is my dual screen?

An office chair that hurts my back (because when I bought it, I didn’t think I’d be spending 7 hours a day on it), a Wi-Fi connection that works in slow motion, children screaming all day long and a desk that doubles as my dining table… There’s no doubt about it, I’m much better off in the office! This accumulation of disturbances is really starting to make me emotionally drained. I can’t wait to get back to the office, this sacred place where everything is set up for us to work well!

5. A whole new organization is needed at home

Finding a new rhythm isn’t so easy. My habits are inevitably disrupted by this exceptional situation. My sleep pattern is no longer the same, my work hours can also vary depending on my responsibilities as a mother. It only takes one colleague to call me at 11 o’clock when I’m preparing the children’s lunch for me to feel things slipping away from me.

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‘I’m so tired of working every day’ - 5 Things to do if you feel drained

Let’s be honest, some people love their jobs, however, the vast majority of people definitely don’t get a kick out of working and being tied down every day. If only money really grew on trees, right? Today, more so than ever before, workers all over the world are struggling with their professional motivation and the high-pressure demands of working from home. If this is your case too, here are 5 tips to help you make the working day just that bit easier.

  • 1) Ask for help - Reach out to your manager and establish a plan of action regarding your workload. It’s their responsibility to make things more manageable for you, after all.
  • 2) Invest more time in your hobbies - Spend more time focusing on what you really enjoy doing.
  • 3) Take days off - Because everyone needs some downtime and rest once in a while.
  • 4) Change up your routine - Go about your day differently and mix your tasks up. Things will soon seem less monotonous!
  • 5) Start a self-care plan - Whether it includes meditation, yoga, or even a face mask, incorporate it into your daily routine to take your mind off things.

Editor’s note: Beware of Zoom fatigue!

Excessive and too close eye contact, confusion of non-verbal communication, the mirror effect: according to a study by Jeremy Bailenson from Stanford University, “Zoom fatigue” is becoming more and more noticeable. Many psychologists, advise you use the audio function from time to time, avoid the full screen, turn off the mirror effect and position the webcam to have a wider field of view.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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