7 Golden Rules To Working Effectively From Home

Teleworking probably sounds like a great idea, but with all the distractions is it really? At home, when I'm not tempted to snack or scroll on Instagram, something else monopolizes my attention. But, now I don't have a choice; I have to adapt and master this new way of working. Between distractions and temptation, how can I be as efficient at home as at the office? Discover the 7 golden rules of working from home.

"The best part of the job? When I get to go home."  

The 7 Golden Rules of Productive Teleworking

With organization, anything is possible!

1. I get ready as if I was going to the office

Pajamas and efficiency aren’t really associated. In the morning, I get dressed as if I'm going to the office. Even if I miss out on saving on laundry, I can't work in pajamas or a bathrobe "just for an hour or two". Keeping your rituals, your routines, and a decent outfit means telling your brain and body that you're out of bed, giving them an unconscious motivational boost.

2. I give myself frequent breaks

Instead of looking around for other things to do every 30 seconds because I'm not concentrated, I take a break, a real one, to recharge my batteries. Even if it means spending 30 minutes reading a good book with a tea. When I come back in front of my computer, I'll be nothing but concentrated and efficient. In other words, I stop and start again.

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3. I ignore the call of the household chores.

The risk when you're at home is thinking about all the things you have to do. Putting away the dishes, vacuuming, ironing... Although these tasks are usually not tempting, when you're teleworking, it's hard to ignore everything that's right next to you. And yet we have to. There is a time for everything, which brings us to the next point.

4. I create a workspace of my own

I’m only human and therefore unable to work effectively slumped on my couch. In order to put myself in a working atmosphere (and to get away from any source of distraction) I set up an office corner, in which I feel comfortable for maximum efficiency.

5. I don’t allow myself to be distracted

It only takes me about a second to lose my concentration, which is why I set boundaries with my family beforehand. Isolating myself from my partner and children may seem antisocial but it definitely helps me get things done.

6. I set my phone to airplane mode

Since my phone has the knack of stealing my attention a couple hundred times a day. Whenever I see it flashing or hear it vibrating, and don’t pick it up immediately, I feel like I'm missing out on something important. So dear smartphone, you're going to be quiet for a little while.

7. I think results, not hours

Working with a watch in hand can cause stress. Especially when the clock is ticking and I haven't progressed as much as if I were in the office. So as not to let panic overwhelm me, I try to rethink the way I work. Instead of putting pressure on my usual 8 hours, I focus on the goals set in my schedule. If I know that they will be reached at the end of the day, I will spend it more serenely.

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A mom's opinion - What is the ideal schedule?

Working from home can seem even more complicated for parents. After experimenting with different ways of doing things, I myself have realized that the solution is to organize myself as a whole. For example:

7:30-8:00 am: Wake up the children
8-10 am: children are up, first block of work
10 am: break with the children
10:30 - 11:30 am: second block of work
11.30am - 1pm : lunch break
1-3 pm: third block of work
3-4 pm: activity with the children
4-5:30 pm: fourth working block
8 - 9 pm (to be adapted according to your needs): last working block

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