8 Reasons Why Malignant Narcissists Are So Dangerous & How To Expose Them

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If the title of this article hasn’t totally scared you away, then you are no doubt wondering what this beast of a person is really like. Well, a malignant narcissist is a step up from a typical narcissist and adds an antisocial personality disorder to the already intimidating mixture. Combined, these two personality disorders represent the relentless need for control, admiration, and power for selfish reasons, making folks with this diagnosis that bit scarier than classic manipulators. Here’s why these people are so terrifying, and how you can get your own back on them.


Malignant narcissism is no doubt the darkest form of narcissism that exists, and even the most aware amongst us can fall victim to it. When it comes to being ruthless, merciless, and heartless, these folks excel in the field and are willing to do anything to get what they want. They shouldn’t be underestimated and have what it takes to cause irreparable damage to their victims.

Why malignant narcissists are so ruthless - 8 Reasons why

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, something even darker spins around to haunt your imagination.

1) They lack total remorse

Unfortunately, these folks are completely merciless and have no pity for anyone but themselves, after all, why would they? Other folks barely exist in their eyes. They are completely ignorant to other people’s pain and don’t care enough to consider what it can actually do either. In short, their selfishness means they’ll always put themselves first and never consider their victim’s struggles.

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2) They take pleasure in inflicting pain on others

Now, narcissists are pretty heartless creatures, however malignant narcissists take evil to the next level and really do get their kicks out of hurting their victims. Inflicting pain makes them feel powerful and in control, plus, knowing that they have what it takes to crush others puts a genuine smile on their face… Making their victims feel bad is their favorite hobby.

3) They are openly aggressive

The scary truth is that they have less control over their mood swings and work in less passive-aggressive ways than typical manipulators, who try and conceal their true intentions. Here, these guys will do anything necessary to get what they want, including openly threaten their victims if they believe it will get them to stay in line.

4) They never accept responsibility for their actions

It’s probably easier to get blood from a stone, than to get these abusers to take accountability for their horrific actions. These devious manipulators are in fact incapable of holding their hands up and accepting the consequences because they are convinced that they never do anything wrong. That’s right, their hugely over inflated ego and pride prevent them for resorting to introspection.

5) They fantasize about crushing people

Revenge is the only thing that motivates these abusers on a daily basis. They love the idea of being able to settle scores as well as taking back control. Unfortunately, if a malignant narcissist believes you have wronged them, they won’t just accept an apology and move on. No, these folks will want to see you suffer in the most evil and excruciating way possible.

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6) They are paranoid

Now, because they are so merciless, they make lots of enemies along their path and don’t hesitate to cross them. Being so hellbent on getting revenge on people means that they often fall into a spiral of paranoia too, because they are continuously convinced that everyone is out to get them, which forces them to become even more despicable as a way of defending themselves.

7) They are unforgiving

Forgiveness is not something that these extreme narcissists are comfortable with. Their immense pride means that they are incapable of moving on from the past and leaving their previous wounds behind them. That being said, their hypocritical nature means that when they are exposed, they demand to be forgiven for their actions…

8) They use, abuse, and discard their victims

Malignant narcissists never approach any given situation without a plan of action, and when it comes to manipulating their victims, they follow the use, abuse, and discard schema. Their cycle of torture is cleverly thought out and ultimately leads to the breakdown of victims and the destruction of their mental health.

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How to expose a malignant narcissist

The ultimate step to bringing down a malignant narcissist is to publicly expose the workings of their manipulation. To do this, you must be ready to face their anger and be prepared for the fact that they will seek revenge for this humiliation. Indeed, these devious personalities pay particular attention to their image and work carefully to ensure they are perceived as charismatic, intelligent, and attractive. Now, dismantling this public image by exposing your abuser’s true face will certainly wound him, and symbolize you taking back control. When you are in the process of making ripping away all the bravado, be sure to openly display his hidden objectives too, by saying things like; "you're trying to make me feel guilty", "it looks like you're trying to manipulate me"...

What are the conditions for exposing a malignant narcissist?

The two conditions for public humiliation are the following;

  • 1) You have become fully aware of his mode of operation and be free of his clutches.
  • 2) You need to be sufficiently serene (or to give the impression of being serene), by applying the previous methods, notably counter-manipulation, to be able to negotiate this sensitive operation.

Indeed, these abusers don’t lack resources and if they sense the slightest indecision on your part, they can turn this movement against you, by publicly scorning and discrediting you as someone unstable, hysterical, untrustworthy and therefore unreliable.

Editor’s opinion - Be brave in the face of these abusers

Standing up to these type of personalities is never an easy task to undertake, however, it is an essential step towards freeing yourself from the grasp of an abuser. Finding the courage to free yourself may be a long and winding road, although, it will be worth it in the long run and an essential part of preserving your mental health.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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