Mindfulness Meditation, The Tool For A Better Life

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Ah meditation! Who still hasn’t heard of it? For several years now, this practice has been gaining in popularity. Is it a need to slow down or a desire to find a haven of peace in an ever-changing and stressful world? Maybe. What exactly is mindfulness meditation? What are the benefits? And is it good for everyone? 1, 2, 3, breathe and dive into a more zen world!


What is mindfulness meditation?

As its name suggests, mindfulness meditation is about being more in the present moment. When practicing it, you focus on your breathing, your thoughts, your emotions, etc. Mindfulness is a good way to realize that you are alive. By practicing this type of meditation regularly, you manage to live, think and position yourself in the present.

You learn to focus more on what you eat, the water flowing over you when you take a shower, the heat of the sun on your skin, etc. In our everyday lives, we sometimes tend to be in a state of absence; in the evening when we’re with our family, we think about our day at work or conversely, we think about our family problems while we’re at work. Mindfulness meditation puts a stop to this.

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What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

Reduced stress

Living in the present makes you feel better. Indeed, it’s an excellent way to combat stress and improve your attention and ability to concentrate. Stress has much less negative and devastating effects on those who meditate regularly. Meditation also enables the brain to fully rest while remaining alert. It’s a bit like coffee, but without the negative effects!

Better regulated emotions

Through meditation, emotions that cause us harm are reduced. Stress is responsible for a lot of negative emotions. As a result, your mood in general is better. Someone who is easily stressed will be less affected by a distressing situation if they have been practicing mindfulness meditation for several months, even years. Their attention will be focused on the positive while remaining extremely alert.

Empathy is also improved through mindfulness meditation. It considerably increases concentration, so you will be able to better understand others by listening to all the subtleties.

The impact on your health

Mindfulness meditation doesn’t just have advantages for your mental health. Your body also benefits from these positive effects! There are no studies showing a concrete correlation with meditation, but it helps to alleviate several disorders. They are closely related to stress, so it’s not surprising that meditation helps to combat these disorders:

  • headaches,
  • fatigue,
  • sleep disorders,
  • high blood pressure,
  • certain skin problems such as eczema,
  • chronic pains,
  • respiratory diseases such as asthma,
  • intestinal disorders,
  • episodes of depression or moderate depression

Is meditation a good tool for everyone?

Mindfulness meditation can suit everyone. However, some people feel anxious about remaining still with their eyes closed. These people need movement, and so they will prefer moving meditation practices such as yoga or tai chi. People with psychological disorders (depression, addiction, anxiety, etc.) should also pay attention. During illness, meditation can have disastrous effects, however it can avoid relapses. If the practice makes you anxious, don’t hesitate to try another method, such as breathing exercises.

Editor’s note – The path to happiness

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to calm negative emotions. This better management of emotions enables you to feel happier. It’s an art that allows you to channel the positive into a more fulfilling life. Of course, it’s not the only secret to happiness, and you mustn’t believe that meditation is a miracle solution. It may be that you don’t manage to meditate or letting go is too complicated for you. The important thing is to find your own path to happiness! It can take time, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself with people in order to move forward.

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