7 Tips For A Fulfilled And Healthy Sex Life - Transform Your Love Making

Sex should be enjoyable and sensual, not something we do reluctantly to please our partner every so often. It needs to be something that makes us feel good as well as satisfy our desires. Many of us struggle to enjoy those complicit moments beneath the sheets because we are battling body image issues, for example, or aren't 100% comfortable in ourselves. Our advice will help you overcome your sexual barriers, because after all, everyone deserves amazing climatic experiences in the bedroom.


7 Tips for the most mind-blowing sex — It's time to enjoy yourself

1. Observe your partner closely.

The way he kisses you, the places his hands go, and the intensity he puts into his gestures… The way he acts with you reflects everything he likes about you and your body. In other words, he probably wants you to make love to him with the same intensity and application he shows you. In bed, couples ought to act like a mirror and take notes on how to return favors. The truth is, in a relationship, in bed and in life, we all like to please each other.

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2. Listen to your body and focus on what you like.

To be fulfilled sexually, you must discover your own body. We are all different, each one of us has their own fantasies and erogenous zones. Yet, it's up to you to discover what you like. To find out, you must awaken your senses and put your alone time to good use. All of our senses will be heightened during lovemaking once we figure out what gets us going. Listening to your own needs will also prompt you to become more creative, too.

3. Speak up and express your needs.

Before, during, or after the act, choose to express yourself. Dare to ask for extra time for foreplay, more kisses, a certain position, or on the contrary to speak up about what you didn't really like and how to rectify it. If you don't express yourself, your partner won't necessarily be able to guess what's going through your mind. During your discussion, you should also try to find out what he wants too.

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4. Ban TV in the bedroom!

All screens must be banned. Netflix and social networks have no place in your room. Your bedroom must remain an intimate place of exchange, complicity, and hugs… Unless you plan to surprise your partner in the kitchen! Which brings us to our next point.

5. Spice things up a little.

Fulfilled sexuality is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and where you want. No more star fishing every night at the same time! Choose to explore the dimensions of your pleasure, vary the positions and develop your imagination. With spontaneity and surprise, couples avoid falling into a boring routine.

6. Boost your libido.

This question often comes up, how can one maintain desire for their partner after several years of living together? Well, here, seduction and confidence are keywords. If you feel sexy, rather than hanging out in your pajamas every night, if you always make an effort to seduce your partner and show him that the feelings are still as strong as ever, the trick will be done!

7. Don't dwell on details.

Often, we wait for the perfect time to get started and can overthink things. But to put too many conditions on love means missing out. It doesn't matter if your belly isn't perfectly flat, or if you haven’t waxed. To gain confidence and let go, you must stop trying to meet (self-imposed) standards. Besides, if your man chose you, it's for a good reason…

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The editor's opinion — The 7 commonalities of sexually satisfied couples

During the first 6 months of a relationship, 80% of lovers are satisfied with their sex life. Years later, 43% of men and 55% of women are still satisfied. Following these studies, the doctor in psychology David Chapman lists the 7 common points of sexually satisfied couples:

  1. Not having sex every day, quality trumps quantity…
  2. Sharing household chores
  3. Be considerate in good times and bad.
  4. Saying “I love you” regularly
  5. Vary the pleasures (massages, baths for two…)
  6. Innovate
  7. Motivate the other, while respecting his or her needs for a truce.
If something gets stuck in your relationship, you can also get an outside look by consulting a sex therapist.

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