7 Tips For A Fulfilled And Healthy Sex Life

Sex should be fun, not something we choose to do reluctantly. For me, to enjoy those cuddly and complicit moments with my partner, I try to address the following aspects; what does my body find pleasurable? How does my partner react? Follow these 7 tips and make your sex life just the way you want it to be.

"Sexuality is the glue that holds a couple together! - Maybe for construction workers, but not with me. "Love is best between two people." 

Have a fulfilling sex life thanks to these 7 tricks

Enough to increase pleasure tenfold...

1. Observing my partner

The way he kisses me, the places his hands go, and the intensity he puts into his gestures... The way he acts with me reflects everything he likes. In other words, he would like me to love him as he loves me, so like a mirror I know how to return the favor. Because in a relationship, in bed and in life, we like to please each other.

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2. Listening to my body

TO be fulfilled sexually, I must discover my own body. We are all different, each one of us has their own fantasies and erogenous zones. Yet, it's up to me to discover what I like. To find out, I must awaken my senses. There is not one of my sense that will not be analyzed during lovemaking. I can also let myself daydream and imagine myself in a situation where everything is allowed.

3. Free speech

Before, during, or after the act, I choose to express myself, to ask for extra time for foreplay, more kisses, this or that position, or on the contrary to stop what I don't like. If I don't express myself, my partner won't necessarily be able to guess it. During the exchange, I also try to find out what he wants too.

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4. No TV in the bedroom!

All screens must be banned. Netflix and social networks have no place in your room. This room must remain an intimate place of exchange, complicity and hugs... Unless you plan to surprise your partner in the kitchen! Which brings us to the next point.

5. Spicing up your sex life

Fulfilled sexuality is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and where you want. No more starfishing every night at the same time! I explore the dimensions of my pleasure, vary the positions and develop my imagination. With spontaneity and surprise, I avoid falling into a boring routine.

6. Boosting my libido

This question often comes up, how can one maintain desire after several years of living together? Seduction and confidence in yourself are key words. If I feel beautiful, rather than hanging out in my pajamas every night, if I always make an effort to seduce my partner and show him that I like him even after all this time, the trick will be done!

7. Not dwelling on details

Often, we wait for the perfect time to get started. But to put too many conditions on love is to miss out. It doesn't matter if my belly isn't perfectly flat, or if I haven’t waxed. To gain confidence and let go, I stop trying to meet (self-imposed) criteria. Besides, if my man chose me, it's for a good reason...

The expert's opinion - The 7 commonalities of sexually satisfied couples

During the first 6 months of a relationship, 80% of lovers are satisfied with their sex life. Years later, 43% of men and 55% of women are still satisfied. Following these studies, the doctor in psychology David Chapman lists the 7 common points of sexually satisfied couples:

  1. Not having sex every day, quality trumps quantity...
  2. Sharing household chores
  3. Be considerate in good times and bad.
  4. Saying "I love you" regularly
  5. Vary the pleasures (massages, baths for two...)
  6. Innovate
  7. Motivate the other, while respecting his or her needs for a truce.
If something gets stuck in your relationship, you can also get an outside look by consulting a sex therapist.

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