What Does Cheating Say About A Person? 15 Things It Reveals

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Believing that you are in a committed relationship and then realizing your partner has been playing away is certainly one of the most brutal things anyone can go through, and I’m speaking from experience. Being cheated on throws everything you know up in the air and raises plenty of questions just about everything. However, it also gives you a clearer insight into who you were really with. That’s right, it speaks volumes about a person’s character, and said volumes aren’t exactly always beautiful poetic either.

What Does Cheating Say About A Person? 15 Things It Reveals

They say actions speak louder than words, and they’re totally right, especially when it comes to being unfaithful. Love is never totally smooth sailing, but when people’s heads are turned and the communication completely breaks down, the worst is often inevitable. So, let’s move beyond the anger and pain that cheating causes and take a look at what it reveals about the person behind the betrayal.

15 Things cheating says about someone

Insights into a cheater’s personality…

1) The person is emotionally immature

The sad truth is we aren’t all cut out for relationships and everything that goes with them. Now, this is certainly not an excuse for betraying people you supposedly love, yet, it goes some way in explaining why people typically look for affection elsewhere. When people don’t have what it takes to accept someone else’s baggage and to move past niggling issues, then they’ll look for an easy way out.

2) They weren’t happy in their relationship

Now, this is undoubtedly one of the most obvious reasons why people end up jumping into bed with someone else… All relationships go through ups and downs, however, at certain points, people need to be honest with themselves and admit that things are beyond repair. Then, once they have reached this point of no return, they need to share their feelings with their partner and walk away instead of looking for a cowardly way out.

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3) They won’t make a loyal spouse

Ladies, let’s keep this simple, if your boyfriend has a shady track record, then he will unfortunately never change. Walking down the aisle with him isn’t a solution and won’t give him the wake-up call he needs to stay faithful.

4) They have no respect for their relationship or marriage

To put things bluntly, people who cheat have absolutely no regard for their partners, and that’s THE truth, regardless of what they might say or claim.

5) They are manipulative

Anyone who hooks up with other people whilst in a relationship has a manipulative streak within them. That’s right, to cover their tracks to avoid getting caught, this disloyal bunch of folks will go to any length necessary, even to the point of gaslighting their partners when they get suspicious.

6) Their head can be turned easily

Whether it be a cheeky wink or a seductive smile, even the most insignificant of gestures is enough to spark a cheater’s interest in someone else. After all, they really do believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

7) They are selfish

Going behind your partner’s back and hooking up with other people only screams one thing, and that’s selfishness! Typically, cheaters look for the feel-good factor and will do anything to get it.

8) They lack courage

Those that betray their partners in such a cowardly way, certainly aren’t brave and prefer hurting them even more instead of biting the bullet and being open about wanting to end things.

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9) They hate routine

No matter how much we like to deny it, relationships are synonyms of routine, and in many cases when a routine emerges, people get bored and can develop wandering eyes. It would seem that some of us prefer chasing cheap thrills rather than watching a Netflix series every night at 9 pm.

10) A cheater is always a cheater

This label is very hard to shake and once someone has betrayed their partner once, the trust is always difficult to rebuild. In short, the relationship will never be the same again…

11) They are only interested in sex

Sex is probably the number one motive for people cheating on their partners. Whether they’ve hit a dry spot or are no longer as attracted to their partners, the temptation of sex elsewhere is so irresistible that they are prepared to risk everything.

12) They can’t be trusted

Trustworthiness isn’t exactly one of their predominant personal traits, plus, they’ll do whatever is necessary to justify their actions and turn the situation around. Yep, in short, they’re emotional abusers too.

13) They have commitment issues

The idea of commitment and remaining faithful is probably enough to bring them out in a rash. They’ll never have healthy relationships because they are emotionally injured and therefore ill-prepared for the responsibility of them.

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14) They are expert liars

These guys would lie under oath if they thought they could get away with it. Most of us are aware that we can’t have our cake and eat it too, however, this deceitful gang will do their utmost to make that possible.

15) They are overly impulsive

The act of cheating isn’t always thought through, and some people are guilty of diving into extramarital affairs without even considering the consequences of them.

Why do cheaters want to stay in relationships?

We’ve no doubt all asked ourselves why cheaters don’t leave, right? Why do they instead choose to put their partner through hell and consequently crush their confidence? Well, the answer is that they think differently from most people and only ever consider their own feelings. Plus, they love the thrill of igniting a spark in a new relationship, yet a conscious that things won’t necessarily work out, meaning they need a backup plan, which is their original love story. People who are unfaithful are inherently selfish and don’t want to lose everything, including their status, possessions, and friends, so they prefer to play away discreetly despite the risks it entails. In short, they want their cake and to eat it too.

Editor’s note - Being unfaithful never solves anything

Let’s be honest, when we hit troubled waters in love, we can be tempted to fall into someone else’s arms. However, although this may seem like a way to escape our issues, we must keep in mind that seeking affection elsewhere won’t solve anything. Hooking up with someone else will no doubt give you immediate pleasure, but it will only cause extensive pain and heartache in the long term.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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