When Inhibition Prevents Me From Asserting Myself…

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For many years, I had a lot of trouble expressing my emotions despite my hypersensitivity. I was unassuming and didn’t dare say what I thought. With age, I managed to express myself more and more and say loudly and clearly what I felt. Looking back, I can now say that I was inhibited. But what exactly is inhibition? How can you overcome it? Let me explain.


What is inhibition?

Inhibition is often defined in two ways. The first is to reduce or prevent the functioning of something. For example, the contraceptive pill can be said to inhibit ovulation.

However, it’s the second definition that will interest us more. Inhibition means having an emotional block, typically involuntary, which results in a loss of reaction or initiative. This result is due to poor management of emotions, as it’s not possible to express them. A relative of hypersensitivity, this is a highly emotional person who takes a back seat to such an extent that they no longer express what they feel 😞.

➜ Being inhibited is therefore preventing yourself from expressing your feelings or wishes.

Some examples of signs of inhibition

When we’re inhibited, it means that we don’t communicate any emotion to others. We can attend a loved one’s funeral and not react. Show no sadness, no tears… An emotional shock can be the cause of inhibition. However, beyond this factor, it’s a general behavior of an introverted personality. Here are some other difficulties that can be encountered when you’re inhibited:

👉 When you can’t say no, and you try to bend over backward for others.

👉 When someone says they love you, but you’re unable to express your love for them in return.

👉 When someone asks for your opinion on something, and you’re unable to express it.

👉 When you’re unable to accept compliments.

In short, there are so many other examples that can be cited. It’s also important to know that you can be inhibited in your intimacy, which often prevents them from sexual fulfillment.

Why are we inhibited?

Inhibition exists to prevent inappropriate behavior in inappropriate situations. In contrast to this, it is said that alcohol removes inhibitions, for example! When a person is drunk, they no longer behave properly in social situations. Inhibition is a way of protecting yourself and being accepted by others. But having too much is just as negative as not having any at all 😥…

The disconnection of our emotions

Of course, we don’t all communicate our emotions in the same way. It’s normal to have different reactions 🤗! Some people don’t want to show them out of modesty, but they still manage to do so with their loved ones. Never saying what you can feel is extremely negative in the long term. Inhibition disconnects us from our emotions, so much so that they get buried within us. This can eat away at us without us realizing, as we don’t listen to ourselves. Inhibition disturbs our relationships with others, as it’s impossible to assert ourselves through our feelings and desires.

⚠️ Inhibition can be caused by a person’s shyness or introversion. The fear of ridicule and anxiety provoke an almost depressive state in some cases.

How to overcome inhibition?

The consequences of inhibition shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to work on yourself in order to overcome it. You can implement several strategies to be able to express your emotions to others a bit more.

Putting words into action

Words are important, but so is non-verbal communication. You can add a smile 😄 or a backward movement 🙅‍♀️ to let others know how you feel. If you’re unable to cry, hugging the people you love helps to find comfort and vent your grief in another way.

Turning inwards

You might think that turning inwards would cut you off even more from others, but it’s not the case at all. The more you learn to understand yourself, the more you’re able to understand others! There’s no shame in experiencing emotions and learning to decipher them. On the contrary, it’s necessary for us all.

Venting your emotions

If it’s not possible to express them out loud, you can do it in other ways. Through a journal, for example, 📝! Yes, writing is therapeutic and allows you to put into words your experiences, preferences, tensions, desires, etc. You can bring the emotion back to life through your pen, which helps to get rid of it. There are also activities that allow you to clear your mind, such as sport or meditation!

Reconnecting with your creativity

You need to reconnect with your feeling through creativity. Children do many activities like drawing or role-playing, where they let their emotions flow. You need to do the same thing to find a way to release your emotions without fear. I’ve found a way to communicate through photography, if that gives you some ideas!

Testing NLP

I’m not talking about a rap group, but a therapy: neurolinguistic programming. It consists of learning to understand ourselves better through the “how”. The “why” of our behavior takes a back seat. In the end, we improve our self-perception to put aside our inhibition, we dare to assert ourselves 💪!

Editor’s note: Free your potential

As you can see, too much inhibition can harm your relationships and your development. This unconscious brake prevents you from exploiting your full potential. Don’t wait to make an appointment with a psychologist. Together, you’ll gradually manage to remove certain inhibitions.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy… It’s here and now!

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