What Will A Narcissist Say To Get You Back? - 10 Things They Claim

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If you have recently broken things off with your narcissistic partner, you should be prepared for them to launch a torrent of attempts at getting you back. The stark reality is that narcissists have a hard time moving on and fail to realize that the end of a relationship is synonymous with their victim or should I say ex, putting an end to their tyrannical reign. In short, these skilled manipulators never give up and always have something up their sleeve to win you back. They certainly aren’t prepared to give up their role as the puppet master without a fight.


Breaking up with a narcissist is definitely a courageous move for anyone to make, but the decision won’t go down easily with your egocentric partner. Having a partner slip through their clutches is a major hit for any narcissist and awakens in them the hunger to win them back. Now, in order to get an ex back under their thumb, these slippery snakes will say anything they believe their previous partner wants to hear, and trust me, some of their claims are truly astonishing… From intense flattery to occult threats, here’s what they’ll say.

10 Things narcissists say to win back an ex

1) ‘I’m prepared to change’

No manipulation tactic is too devious for these professional con artists. Now, although they might claim they are willing to change and be better people, the sad truth is that narcissists can never change, and that’s simply because they don’t want to. They love pulling the strings and being in control of their victims, which means they aren’t prepared to jump out of the driving seat anytime soon.

2) ‘I can’t live without you’

Lying is something these emotional abusers excel at, meaning they won’t hesitate to spin tall tales to get what they want. Now, in order to achieve their mischievous goals, they’ll manipulate the situation and will do and say anything they can to get their ex-partner to feel sorry for them. Guilt shifting is one of the tactics they use in their everyday lives to get people on their side, however, they increase their intensity when their relationship is on the line.

3) ‘I regret everything I did to you’

These evil plotters are amazing storytellers and will attempt to convince their exes that they are truly sorry for all of their mistakes and wrongdoings. Although, in reality, whether they have cheated, lied to you, or abused you in your relationship, they’ll never truly feel bad about their actions. Narcissists don’t feel guilty because they lack empathy and don’t really care about anyone other than themselves…

4) ‘I’ve started counseling’

Now, these emotional abusers are very astute and clever people, which explains why they’ll go to any lengths to make their claims seem credible. These folks hate the idea of seeking help and would never even dream of opening up to a mental health professional, however, if they think it will help break their ex’s barriers down, then they’ll claim to actively reach out for support.

5) ‘I never cheated on you’

Whether it’s true or false, a narcissist will deny cheating claims and never hold their hands up to infidelity. The worst thing is that even if they know their ex-partner is aware of their adultery, they’ll continue to gaslight them and claim they are crazy to accuse them of wrongdoings.

6) ‘You are my soulmate’

Love bombing is something these guys turn to often when they want to ensure they get their own way. They believe that making out their ex is the only person for them, they’ll have them running back in a flash. They’ll no doubt pull out every trick and cheesy compliment in the book in an attempt to make their ex-partner special.

7) ‘I’m hurting so much right now’

Narcissistic abuse means leaves no room for shame, which goes a way in explaining why these controlling personalities can turn on the waterworks so easily. The truth is, nothing will prevent them from manipulating their narrative and painting themselves out as the victim.

8) ‘You’re not strong enough alone’

If nothing else works, why not turn to scare tactics, right? Well, this is certainly something that these bitter exes do. When they’ve decided they want you back, they’ll try to back people into a corner and tap into the fact that their confidence is low. In essence, they’ll scare their ex into believing they are not strong enough to go at life alone, and will never find happiness.  

9) ‘I need you’

Any self-respecting narcissist will crank up the charm whenever they are trying to win back their partner. They will pour their heart out and become the most romantic version of themselves. In fact, they are such smooth talkers that their partners may even believe they have finally decided to change their ways for the better.

10) ‘I have a gift for you’

Love bombing involves showering people with compliments and gifts, and is something that these folks rely on to get their own way. They are so clueless with regard to relationships, that they believe they can do anything they please, as long as they spoil people with presents. They essentially buy their partner’s feelings.

Editor’s opinion - Don’t fool for it

If you are currently in this situation, know that you are up against one of life’s greatest actors, meaning he is simply playing a role. He will essentially say anything he needs to in order to get you back. Oh, and he only wants you back in his life because he is missing his plaything and is bored, not because he has changed or wants to go about things differently. Stand strong and trust your gut instinct!

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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