What Is Charisma? And, Can It Be Worked On?

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The “wow” effect ✨ is when you see someone enter a room, and you think wow, there’s something attractive about them. For me, charisma is much more important than standard beauty, whether for men or women. Those who have real charisma are attractive on many levels, and we want to be like them. So how do you get charisma? Is it something you can work on? We’ll explain how to get the “wow” effect ✨!

What Is Charisma? And, Can It Be Worked On?

What is charisma?

Charisma can be described with different words, but to keep it simple, it’s the ability to captivate and fascinate others 🤩. This is achieved through high communication skills, as well as body language that gives off self-confidence. So you can have a physique that is very different from the norm: be fat, have a deformity, a large nose… and be charismatic! Indeed, it has nothing to do with physical beauty, it’s your behavior and human qualities that count. ⚠️ Being charismatic and self-confident doesn’t mean you’re a megalomaniac.

Can it be worked on?

You might think that being charismatic isn’t important, but it’s often what makes the difference. During a job interview, a date or just to make new friends! You might as well leave a positive impression on others, while being able to do things easily: making a speech in front of an audience, leading a work group, etc. Of course, charisma is like anything else, it needs to be worked on 🧐! There are points on which we can evolve and which will change us to make us a more charismatic person.

How do you recognize a charismatic person?

To know how to work on your charisma, you need to be able to recognize someone who has it naturally. Yes, there are common traits that don’t lie. From there, we know what we have to do to improve these points.

👉 They’re self-confident

A charismatic person will have good self-esteem, regardless of whether their physique corresponds to societal norms or not. Indeed, that’s exactly what will set them apart from others. They’re comfortable with who they are and don’t try to change to fit in with the expectations of others. They also have a sense of humor and self-deprecation!

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👉 They know how to express themselves and listen to others

Communication is one of the things charismatic people master best. They aren’t afraid of talking to others and saying what they think. As a result, people listen to them as they gain our trust and respect. What’s more, speaking is not their only strength, as they also listen actively. They let others express themselves in order to truly exchange, which makes them attractive!

👉 They take risks

Charismatic people challenge themselves, and they manage to get out of their comfort zone. When we see this from an outside perspective, we find it fascinating. Why? Because they dare to forge ahead and seize opportunities. They aren’t held back by their anxieties and fears, they put them to one side and go for it! Inspiring, right?

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👉 They’re emotionally intelligent

Displaying emotional intelligence means that the charismatic person listens to their emotions and those of others. Communication will be easier, but they will also be at peace with themselves. This also reinforces their ability to listen! They’ll never act like a child because they’ll draw wisdom from their experiences.

👉 They’re passionate and exciting

A person with charisma is good at transporting us into their passions, convictions or opinions. Often, when they talk about what drives them, they become exciting to listen to and really make you want to discover their interests.

👉 They show modesty and integrity

This is the difference between a truly charismatic person and a narcissistic pervert. The latter are unable to be emotionally intelligent or show modesty. Charismatic people are simple and don’t consider themselves the best. They’re able to apologize and are never full of themselves.

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How do you get charisma?

Attracting others, having an aura about you, succeeding in whatever you do… Yes, you can do all this with charisma! Because in reality, you need to have self-confidence. This is the key point to work on to be charismatic. Just like the characteristics mentioned above. Most of the time, charismatic people don’t realize just how much they have that “je ne sais quoi” or the “wow” effect ✨. You therefore need to find a balance between self-esteem and modesty, so you don’t become a toxic person 😲. Be a good listener, be kind, likeable, open to others… All of these are qualities you need to have to bring out your charisma!

Editor’s note – Learn to be self-confident

Working on your charisma is amazing! However, it can be difficult to do it on your own, especially if you lack self-confidence. It may take years to build up your self-esteem if you don’t like yourself at all. It’s therefore important to be surrounded by good people and to get a coach who will encourage you to gain self-confidence!

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy… It’s here and now!


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