How To Develop The IT Factor - 10 Ways To Boost Your Star Quality

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Some people just ooze charisma and have that je ne sais quoi about them. If you’ve been in the presence of someone with the IT factor, you’ll no doubt have noticed how magnetic and bubbly they are when it comes to commanding attention. Now, if you are sick and tired of fading into the background, it’s time for you to step out of the shadows because yes, the good news is that everyone can have the famous IT factor, no matter how naturally shy or introverted they are. No one is perfect, but at times, a little self-help goes a long way, especially in your professional life. Sometimes, working on our confidence is the key to realizing our dreams!

How To Develop The IT Factor - 10 Ways To Boost Your Star Quality

To put things concretely, the IT factor is a combination of confidence, charm, charisma, and good self-esteem, meaning it can take your life to the next level and open plenty of doors to you. Now, I’ve always been on the shy side, but coming to the realization that I needed to find my voice was a personal awakening for me. For years, I’d been happy enough to remain on the sidelines without ever kicking up too much fuss, yet never having my time in the spotlight became more and more frustrating over time, especially in a professional sense. Ever since the start of my career, I’d always been infuriated about never being able to speak up in front of people, and consequently always having my ideas stolen, until one day, I decided enough was enough. I needed to find my voice and develop the IT factor in my own right. I deserved to be heard, and I wasn’t going to let my shyness get in the way of my progression for a second longer.

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10 Ways to develop the IT factor

1) Be enthusiastic at all times

Being enthusiastic makes you instantly magnetic to a whole range of people. Having a smile on your face and appearing open and optimistic will mean that you come across as attractive and positive. Coming across as positive and upbeat are qualities that help you stand out from the crowd, plus good energy attracts other forms of healthy energy.

2) Love life

Let’s face it, given the choice between spending time with someone downcast and someone who seems to love the joys of life, we’ll instantly be drawn to the person who seems to be drunk on life. After all, joy is contagious, and I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a virus that deserves to be spread.

3) Communicate well

Have you ever noticed that people with the so-called IT factor are great conversationalists? They could talk for ages and always remain composed no matter what happens. Now, although they appear capable of talking for extensive periods of time, that’s not to say that we get bored by their monologues. In fact, we could listen to them for what seems like forever and constantly drink up their opinions without noticing the time fly by.

4) Have presence

Having presence means that people instantly notice you and want to listen to you. People with a strong presence radiate warmth, yet are in reality as cool as cucumbers in all circumstances. Nothing ever rattles them or gets them down because they are confident in themselves and what they have to offer.

5) Be likeable and friendly

Being likeable and outgoing are important points when it comes to developing the IT factor. When you are likeable, you are automatically comfortable in your own skin and transmit this message to your surroundings, which encourages less confident people to come out of their shells and express their opinions.

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6) Don’t be afraid to make jokes

The idea of cracking jokes can be intimidating to many of us, but when we feel comfortable in ourselves, it becomes much easier. Likewise, making jokes at your own expense is also an essential step in getting people to relax around you.

7) Be confident, not cocky

When we are trying to build our self-esteem, many of us often fall into the trap of crossing into the cocky territory, rather than simply presenting ourselves as confident. Now, the line between the two is extremely thin, but truly acquired confidence never comes across as arrogant or conceited.

8) Listen to other people

Having excellent listening skills can take a personality to the next level. Now, possessing good listening skills is as rare as gold dust and really gives you the edge in every aspect of life, including professionally and romantically.

9) Tell stories

Letting your charisma shine through is key when it comes to proving you have the much in demand IT factor. By telling stories and anecdotes, you become even more approachable and relatable in everything you do, and who doesn’t want to be around someone as natural as that?

10) Don’t take negative opinions personally

No matter how confident you are, you must know that you can never impress everyone, however, the good news is that you don’t need to. In fact, having strong self-esteem is essential here, because it protects your mental health and gives you the humility necessary to begin the path towards introspection.

Editor’s opinion - Standing out for the right reasons takes time

The IT factor will certainly transform your personality and give you the confidence you deserve, however, you have to believe in yourself for the magic to work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same principle works for believing in yourself too. Now, we can all stand out for the wrong reasons, but if we want to be remembered in a positive light, the foundations take time to place, meaning the journey can’t be rushed. You’ll develop the desired IT factor in the end, as long as you have faith in yourself and trust in your abilities.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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