5 Reasons Why Teaching Men To Be More Emotionally Honest Is Essential

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As a self-confessed emotional sponge and anxiety sufferer, I've always found men's unwillingness to deal with their emotions surprising. I've always had a turbulent relationship with my emotions, however, over the years, I've learned that introspection and honesty have helped me to deal with them effectively. Men, on the other hand, typically have a tougher time opening up and taking the time to understand what they feel, but although it may seem difficult, acknowledging their fears, anxieties, and dreams will catapult them to the ultimate stage of happiness.


Young men are conditioned to become tough, strong, and stoic in all circumstances. They are repeatedly told that they shouldn't cry or show any weaknesses, yet these expectations weigh heavy on their shoulders and follow them like a bad odor into adulthood. Societal pressure preconfigures unhealthy relationships between guys and their emotions, meaning such restrictive tendencies can be hard to escape.

5 Reasons why society must allow men to be more emotionally honest

1) It reduces stress

When men are constantly obliged to hide their emotional vulnerability, they inadvertently increase their stress and anxiety levels because they force themselves to hide behind a mask. Living behind a facade is exhausting and means that people repeatedly have to mask their feelings and be attentive to what they say, as well as how they act, in an attempt to look tough. Societal pressure means that young boys are taught, no matter what happens, to sweep their sadness and despair under the rug, as a way of repressing their emotions in an attempt to look like 'real men'. When guys are comfortable enough to open up, they instantly feel freer.

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2) It boosts self-awareness

Understanding the natural order of our feelings connects us with whom we really are, and is also a way of leading us to our authentic selves. Embracing the full spectrum of our sentiments allows us and, in this particular case, men to learn more about their strengths and what they have to offer in all aspects of life.

3) It leads to healthier relationships

Emotional honesty is the one element that leads to more passionate and fulfilling relationships in the long term. Think about it, doesn't it just seem impossible to build sincere relationships when one partner is holding things back and doesn't feel comfortable enough to speak their mind with regard to what they want and need?

4) It encourages acceptance

When guys realize they don't need to play the role of the tough guy, it's only then that they can accept themselves with pride and speak their mind, too. Acceptance of one's situation, sexuality, or professional choice isn't always easy, but the willingness to achieve a state of peace is propelled by a healthy relationship with one's emotions.

5) It changes their self-image

For a guy, learning to fully accept and recognize his emotions is one of the founding stones of good self-confidence. When men are confident enough to speak their minds and express their true feelings, they can accomplish anything and overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

How do you teach a man to express his feelings? - 5 Tips

Most guys are completely and utterly uncomfortable when it comes to opening up and expressing how they feel. Now, this can be very frustrating for us women, especially when we are dating these emotional clams. The truth is, we like to know where we stand, and being honest with our partner strengthens our bond and connection. When someone expresses how they really feel, our trust deepens, plus it gives us an insight into what they are really thinking, and reassures us that we’re not heading towards a dramatic heartbreak.

  • 1) Be patient - Constantly badgering someone to open up will only have the opposite effect. It will indeed push the person further into their shell…
  • 2) Show empathy - By being empathetic and understanding, your partner will feel more comfortable and at ease around you, and these are the perfect conditions for honesty.
  • 3) Do something fun together - Everyone needs to relax once in a while, and no long-lasting couple can afford to be serious all the time.
  • 4) Don’t jump to conclusions - Drawing up conclusions in your mind will only drive you crazy, unless your partner has explicitly said there’s a problem, then there simply isn’t one.
  • 5) Be direct - Avoid beating around the bush when you have a question or need to be reassured. Insinuations will only push you further apart.

Editor's opinion - Emotions aren't a sign of weakness

Emotions characterize us, which is why we shouldn't demonize our truest nature. Now, not everyone is comfortable performing a monologue on how they feel, but being capable of acknowledging them is an essential step in the construction of good mental health.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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