The Power Of Hugs, It's Time To Share The Love

Individualism is great but deep down we all have needs and do enjoying connecting and exchanging with other people. Disconnecting for the digital world and taking some time out to listen and chat to people is vital. No matter how independent and strong we are, we all need some warmth in our lives as well as human contact.

Hugging comes naturally to us and we get used to appreciating this contact from childhood. Kids naturally crave hugs because they are a synonym of being supported, cared for and loved. Children have natural tenderness which shines through yet often diminishes when they get older. Believe it or not, hugs are good for us and studies have even proved this. Discover how you can reduce stress in children here.

What are the benefits of hugs?

1) Boost of oxytocin

Physical contact often causes for a frequent release of oxytocin. The oxytocin hormone surges when we are in love or when we feel happy and energetic. Children associate hugs with the sensation of feeling safe and protected. Just think of how many boo boos are soothed with a hug. That said, this simple act also helps kids build self-confidence.

2) Patience

Hugs generally help us develop our patience by simply taking time out. They are also great when it comes to communicating our feelings when we are at a loss for words. We think they are way more personable than emojis too!

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3) A stronger immune system

Hugging makes for a stronger immune system. The smile we put on whilst cuddling also release dopamine and serotonin. These hormones boost our moods and reduce our stress levels, which in turn helps avoid psychosomatic illnesses.

Hugs enhance the working of the parasympathetic nervous system thanks to a network of pressure system underneath the skin, which help detect touch and communicates it to the brain.

4) They help us reconnect

The act of hugging pulls us out of solitude and encourages us to become more tactile. Viewed as an oxygen ball, they help us reconnect with ourselves, with our bodies and feelings.

That being said, not all of us are at ease with the idea of physical contact and some people really are comfortable with the idea. The feeling of unease is often related to childhood and our relationships with our moms.

Friends, parents, children, lets open our arms and share in this dose of happiness.

Did you know, hugtherapy is a thing and was invented in 1986 by an American Reverend to combat depression. This concept has since given way to hug workshops all over the world.

Our expert's opinion: 

Hugging is sharing, it really is love in the broadest sense, pure human warmth. The best thing about it is that when you give that love away, you get it back. So there's not a minute to lose!

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