How To Guarantee Your First Vacation With Your Partner Is A Success

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Vacations are a time we all really look forward to and an opportunity to forget about all the stresses of daily life. However, when it’s the first time you’re going away as a couple, fear can sometimes overshadow any excitement you may have. Will you get along? Will you be able to agree on the same activities? Will you have things to talk about? With the pressure and expectations, clashes are often unavoidable…unless you’re smart about it! We’ll give you some essential insights into making your time away as blissful as possible!


We bet you can’t wait to lounge around on the beach, have a few drinks by the sea, walk around the sun-kissed streets, all broken up by a couple of naps every now and again… But the big departure will be here in a few days and the thought of being on top of each other in a hotel room, a tent or a mini studio for 24 hours a day it's no doubt making you anxious. Couple’s getaways are, nevertheless, the ideal time to assess your relationship…yes, yes, trust us, whether it works or not, vacations are useful for analysing and asking yourself the right questions about your relationship

5 Tips on making your first vacation with your partner completely magical

1. Plan to spend some time alone

If it’s your first adventure together and you haven’t lived together before, to be sure of coping the whole 2 weeks, have an in-between phase where you leave some time just for you. Make the most of doing your own thing, choose something that you really like to do.

2. Take steps towards each other

Time away is often an opportunity to get to know yourself better. What you plan on doing and what you want to do is often contradictory, but sharing, making discoveries and finding out what you really have in common with your partner are steps towards making your relationship stronger. If you are unwilling to try and make your other half happy from time to time, your relationship will always be shaky and you will struggle to stay in the relationship.

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3. Agree to be amazed

There is often a big temptation to fantasize your time away. This is even more true if you are going away to an idyllic or romantic location, full of beauty hotspots and clichĂ©s. You already see yourself having a gondola ride whilst the sun sets over Venice. But the thing is, your other half is more the type to want to make the most of room service at the hotel. Instead of sulking in your room, which is counterproductive, put things into perspective, let go and agree to be amazed. You might have a great time in the hotel or anywhere else for that matter. And if in the end, this holiday makes you realise that you are incompatible, don’t have any regrets!

4. Communicate and speak your mind

It can’t be stressed enough; communication forms the basis of a relationship. So of course, breaks away are synonymous with relaxing, but that doesn’t mean that you should store up anger inside of you. Are you worried about arguing over housework or dinner times? Not to worry! When you live with someone on a daily basis, arguments are unavoidable. The trick is being willing to accept your partner’s flaws. But for a relationship to work in the long run, it’s important to view the relationship and life in the same way.

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5. Don’t question your relationship

Don’t panic and don’t even think about questioning your relationship when you get back home. If the attraction and the passion between you is still there, there’s no reason to doubt it all because you spent a few weeks together that weren’t as perfect as your thought they would be. Keep in mind that it is only a holiday; it doesn’t at all foreshadow what your life as a couple will be like.

Editor’s advice – Use your experience!

After lockdown, almost all of us can be proud of knowing what it feels like to be stuck with someone 24 hours a day. Whether you were in quarantine with your partner or not, use this experience to have the best holiday you can. Let go as often as you possible and really make the most of this moment.

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