The 5 Main Adult ADHD Symptoms To Look Out For

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According to experts at the American Psychiatric Association, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects around 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults. However, in reality this estimation does in fact seem fairly low, as many cases do indeed go undetected; especially in young girls. Diagnosing this disorder can be very difficult in adults because the symptoms of inattention shift and are often put down to other causes, which explains why it often goes untreated. Learn about the symptoms of adult ADHD in order to put in place an effective treatment plan for yourself or a loved one.

The 5 Main Adult ADHD Symptoms To Look Out For

What is ADHD?

It is a neurological condition that causes inattention or hyperactivity, which in turn affects people’s ability to function and get through daily life. This level of impulsivity means sufferers are easily distracted and often make careless mistakes, which evidently makes holding down a job or even maintaining a relationship very challenging. ADHD is more often than not diagnosed during childhood, however many people slip through the net and are faced with struggles due to inattention later on in life. When it goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated, people often blame themselves because they are unable to understand the root cause of the issue, which produces a very damaging effect on their mental health and lifestyle.

How do I know if I’ve got adult ADHD? - The 5 signs to watch out for

If you regularly experience these 5 symptoms, or even if you notice them in a loved one, you may want to contact a health care professional to discuss possible treatment plans for this mental disorder.

1) A lack of focus

Struggling to concentrate on anything for a substantial amount of time is a sign that you may suffer from hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Whether you are tasked with writing a paper, or if you are simply reading a book or even talking to someone, if you have a hard time following and focusing your interest, then this is a symptom that shouldn’t be ignored. Attention to details is something that really holds these folks back and prevents them from being precise in their work. No one can remain 100% focused 24/7 but if you notice your mind wandering almost immediately when in fact you should be concentrating, this is something you need to explore further.

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2) Poor organization skills

People with ADHD are virtually incapable of sticking to a tight agenda and have a harder time organizing and prioritizing tasks than others. Having to make plans is a source of stress for them and often provokes a sensation of anxiety and intensive worry. Time management isn’t a skill that comes easily to them, which explains why they often miss deadlines and turn things in late despite trying their hardest to respect the set times and attempting to pay attention.

3) Repetitive forgetfulness

This point ties into the previous two and reinforces the idea that people diagnosed with ADHD find it difficult to follow and keep pace with what others regard as normal life events. This disorder often means that sufferers often forget dates, tasks, birthdays and the names of people they meet. Retaining information is certainly an uphill battle for them, which is why large amounts of patience and comprehension are required when dealing with these folks.

4) A stark lack of confidence

Adults who suffer from this disorder often have a very negative self-image too. Many of them struggle to accept their difficult experiences within the education system and carry their pain into adulthood. The lack of understanding of their symptoms means that many sufferers weren’t given the attention and support necessary at crucial periods in their lives. They take failure to heart and their underachievement is evidently very harmful for their confidence, in any realm of life.

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5) Lack of motivation

When people don’t receive the support and assistance they require, they often enter into a spiral of demotivation and confusion with regards to their worth. Feeling misunderstood and disconnected is lethal for motivation, making way for procrastination and further failure. Mental health can be a vicious circle if it isn’t addressed properly and in said case, can have disastrous impacts on every aspect of your life.

Editor’s opinion - Treatments exist

Whenever we are faced with the realities of a mental illness, it can be easy to panic but there really is no need to feel consumed by the prospect of it because treatments exist and are there to help. When it comes to adult ADHD, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a good place to start and will be effective in addressing lack of organization, time management and trouble focusing. Although we can’t expect mental illnesses to completely disappear, many solutions exist, meaning you definitely don’t have to suffer and feel like a prisoner in your own mind. If you feel like the above symptoms describe you or a loved one, reach out and get the help you so need and deserve.

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