I Travel Alone, And It’s Great! Let Me Tell You About My Experience!

Last year, I decided to travel on my own for 1 month. My itinerary? A mini road trip in Western France. To begin with, I was very afraid of being lonely or not being able to manage alone. But in the end, I loved this adventure and hope to go further next time. So here is my feedback on this experience and my tips for traveling on your own and loving it!


Start slowly when you travel solo

I’d never considered traveling on my own until last summer. Between being single and the difficulties coordinating my diary with my friends, I decided to do a little solo road trip in France. I admit that I didn’t take any big risks, but I think that for a first trip on my own, it’s already pretty good!

🌍 That’s my first piece of advice, you have to go little by little. Especially if, like me, you have a lot of fears inside you, like not being able to manage the trip or even feeling lonely.

Traveling alone as a woman

I’d like to say that I wasn’t apprehensive about my trip, but that’s not the case because I suffer from anticipatory anxiety. Moreover, I’d decided to stay in a tent, the idea of it! A lot of things were going through my mind: I won’t be able to put the tent up on my own, I’ll get lost, what if I break down, etc. The problem is that as a woman, I was always taught to ask for help. So I always have this feeling that I won’t manage it alone.

💪 As a feminist, I decided to throw out all of these fears telling me I wouldn’t manage it. In the end, it’s the start that’s the most complicated. Once you’re on the road, it’s such a feeling of freedom! I didn’t think I’d be able to manage all the little organizational details, but there are always ways to manage on your own.

The fear of loneliness

I’m someone who likes being on my own, but not all the time… Indeed, solitude doesn’t bother me when I’m at home or when I have to work, etc. But as soon as I have to share an experience, I like to be accompanied by the people I like: restaurants, cinema, museums and… traveling!

🌿 Last year, I had no choice but to take a leap of faith. I really needed to get some fresh air, and especially to avoid depression after the 1st lockdown.

Finding yourself

So in the end, did I like traveling on my own? At the beginning, it was complicated. It took me a few days to get used to it. Then I realized that I was on holiday and that I had to enjoy myself! Once I got over that, I honestly loved traveling solo. I organized little visits to different places, I treated myself by eating in lovely restaurants, etc. This solo trip taught me a lot of things about myself, I took the time to meditate and reflect on what I wanted in life… In short, it did me a lot of good 🧘‍♀️.

Surprise encounters

What I didn’t expect at all was to create bonds! As I said, once I’d found my rhythm, I wasn’t sad not to be with someone. So I was surprised to meet people! Indeed, when you’re on your own, I find that you’re more observant and open to others. It’s easier to interact with people that gravitate around you. For this reason alone and these moments of joy, I want to travel on my own and meet people from all around the world.

3 tips for traveling on your own

From my experience, even though I didn’t go to the other side of the world, I can give you some tips for traveling on your own. Plus, I know I’ll be able to use them when we can travel abroad normally again.

1. Prepare the trip well 🗺️

This is something that put my mind at ease tremendously. It enabled me to get rid of my anxiety by preparing as much as possible: route itinerary, practicing pitching a tent, reserving campsites, buying equipment, etc. The more I’m prepared, the more reassured I am! Some people manage to leave on a whim with just a backpack, but I know that I’m not capable of that (yet?). It’s up to each of us to see what we need to do.

2. Choose your destination ✈️

When you travel on your own, choosing your destination is important. Personally, I stayed in Europe, so I didn’t feel unsafe. However, there are countries in the world where it’s quite dangerous for a woman to travel on her own. Here are my top 3 destinations for solo trips:

  • Nordic countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland.
  • Asian countries: Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong.
  • North America: USA and especially Canada.

3. Find things to do 📸

I loved planning visits to places or discovering things I’d like to see. It helps you to not feel lonely as you’re busy all day. You don’t have the time to feel lonely! Likewise, in the quieter moments like the evening, I’d brought my e-book reader and even my laptop to watch series. I loved this feeling that I was really enjoying myself.

Traveling alone with nuance

There are Facebook groups, such as solo traveler, which allow you to find other women who want to visit the same destination. This could be a solution: traveling on your own but with company, a bit like a mother running away from home. And if you have friends that live across France (or the world), you can always stop by their house to say hello during your journey!

🙅‍♀️ In any case, it’s important not to force yourself to travel. Some people aren’t made to move, they might even hate traveling! Others aren’t comfortable with the idea of being without company. It’s a real exercise. It’s up to each of us to listen to ourselves and see whether it can be envisaged.

Because we all need help and advice

As you can see, Katie loved traveling on her own, but that’s not the case for everyone! It’s up to you to discover what you like and what makes you tick. If you have trouble finding your place, your path, or if you lack self-confidence, don’t hesitate to contact one of our coaches.

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