Slow Life: What If We Tried To Slow Down?

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Living at 100 miles per hour doesn’t mean living at 100%. This is something I discovered when I realized that my days were all the same and going by at breakneck speed. I didn't take the time to savor things, but one day I decided to say stop! To fully appreciate each moment, I have been trying to adopt a slow life for a few years now. In our fast-paced society, it's like swimming against the tide. How and why should we slow down our daily lives? Let's go (gently)!


What is the slow life?

The “slow life” movement is about slowing down your life 🌿. It’s a concept born in the 1980s because of fast food 🍔. We wanted to put quality back in the foreground, and from this came the movement that opposes another term, “fast living”.

You might think you live more intensely by doing 1,000 things at once, but that's a misconception. Fast doesn’t mean intense 😅! On the contrary, the whole idea of slow life is to take the time to savor it and ask yourself if what you are doing is important to you. It's an art of living that allows you to slow down the pace to rediscover the small pleasures of everyday life. Instead of quantity, it’s quality that counts 👌!

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Why should you slow down your life?

Before discovering “how”, I think it's important to ask ourselves “why”. That's right, what’s the point of the slow life? I often say that we only have one life and that we shouldn’t waste a second of it! This idea isn’t opposed to the slow life, as we learn to enjoy the present moment 🥰. We talk about it regularly here at Wengood, but it has a real impact on our personal fulfillment and happiness. Stress and anxiety decrease when we learn to appreciate what we’re experiencing. To do this, we need to learn to step back from our relationships, our work, our activities, our way of living, etc.

👉 “That’s all well and good, but I live in the city, I work from 9 to 6, and I’ve got 3 children, when do I have the time?!”

The slow life doesn’t mean living in the country like in a Jane Austen novel 👀! This way of life is quite feasible even if you live in the city. Indeed, it doesn’t matter where you live, what you do professionally or how many children you have. The main thing is to savor life and have self-discipline to put the fundamentals of the slow life into practice.

How can you live a slow life?

The slow life is gradually taking hold. Yes, that’s the principle, there’s no big upheaval involved! Above all, it's about changing your outlook on life and learning to see things differently. This state of mind is established progressively, from a personal journey. We consume, we get bored quickly, and that goes for everything, including relationships. Tinder, for example, is the supermarket of dating. When we get bored, we move on to someone else  🛒. Yes, slowing down is happening at all levels of our lives with slow food, slow sex, slow parenting, etc.

👉 To achieve this, I think it's good to do regular digital detoxes and disconnect from our screens to reconnect with who and what’s around us. We rediscover birdsong while having lunch outside, we take the time to admire the return of spring, we breathe in the freshly cut grass...

👉 I think the best tool we have is meditation. It's a practice that allows us to put our day on pause by listening to what's going on inside us. By doing it for ourselves, we know how to do it for the things that gravitate around us. Of course, not everyone manages to meditate, but it still takes an inner journey to make the decision to change.

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My testimonial: How I obtained the slow life

For me, I started to change thanks to my interest in slow fashion. For a long time, I didn't ask myself how my clothes were made. “Fast Fashion” is the norm, collections come and go, and we get tired of clothes in the blink of an eye. I used to buy from H&M without thinking, but thanks to the awareness-raising work of committed journalists, I understood that fast fashion had a disastrous environmental and human impact.

As a result of this awareness, I’ve completely changed my consumption patterns by appreciating more the items already in my wardrobe and by thinking about what I want to buy. I invest in items made in Europe, in cotton or linen. More expensive yes, but better quality and more respectful 😍!

That’s how, little by little, I told myself that giving value back to my clothes would make me want to do the same for all parts of my life. So I started intuitive eating, I deleted dating apps, I decided to take walks to appreciate nature... In short, I gave meaning back to the things I was doing and experiencing, by putting the moment on hold mentally to appreciate it better ❤️! What about you? Are you a slow life enthusiast too or not 🌿?

Editor’s note: A whole art of living

The Slow Life is a state of mind, an art of living, the art of knowing how to appreciate the little things in your daily life, how to savor the moment and take your time. If you’re fed up with feeling like you’re running everywhere, like you have no time for anything or do everything half-heartedly, it’s time to ask yourself the right questions. And because you can’t do it on your own, we advise you to make an appointment with one of our coaches. Together, you’ll put new, much more virtuous habits into place.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!

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