Coming Back After A BURN-OUT, Life Afterwards

“What am I going to do with my life?” That’s the question we ask ourselves after a burn-out. You’ve recovered, but you’re lost in your professional life. A burn-out doesn’t prevent you from having a strong professional conscience and from wanting to move forward. But you’re more fragile and fear repeating the same mistakes. That’s why you need to take the time to take stock and plan your life afterwards as best as possible. So how do you come back from a burn-out?


Recognizing a burn-out

It’s important to remember what this crisis is, especially when there has been an explosion in the number of burn-outs due to the pandemic. It is defined by the National Authority for Health as follows: “A burn-out, or professional exhaustion syndrome, designates a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, which results from prolonged investment in emotionally demanding work situations.”

🚫 It has symptoms of depression, however, it is not this. Both can be related, but a burn-out is exclusively linked to our professional lives. To recover from it, the paths are unique, but the goal remains the same for all victims: giving back a sense of purpose to your professional and sometimes even personal life.

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The importance of living differently

The consequences of a burn-out vary from one person to another, but one thing is constant: physical, psychological, and even emotional collapse. All of this shows us one thing: we need to learn how to do things differently. We’re forced to stop and rest and then be accompanied by a health professional. Indeed, you must seek the help of a psychologist to recover from such a crisis.

👣 This is the first step that will show us that we mustn’t lock ourselves into our habits and beliefs. However, one question remains: how can we live differently?

Rebirth thanks to a burn-out

Getting out of the state of pain and taking time for yourself are two things you can do. This is the time to ask yourself why this happened to you? You must work on the causes by analyzing the endogenous reasons (those related to oneself) and the exogenous causes (those related to the outside). This is why psychological support is necessary as a health professional will be able to help you work on the endogenous causes: your behavior, your relationship with work, your work environment, etc.

⚠️ It is more difficult to do something about the exogenous reasons, even if there may be causes, such as a toxic manager or harassment.

An opportunity to change everything

Burn-out isn’t an opportunity, given all the psychological consequences that it can have and the exhaustion it causes. However, once the work of understanding and healing has been completed, it can be seen in a different light. As you have been forced to stop and look introspectively, you may feel that this is an opportunity to change your life.

You ask yourselves a lot of questions about your professional life to discover whether you like what you do. Sometimes it makes you realize that the field in which you were working isn’t or is no longer made for you. It’s therefore worth considering a career change. It’s up to each person to find out whether this is their problem.

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Drawing up a scenario of your ideal life

We shouldn’t want everything to go back to how it was before. This is the best way to make the same mistakes and encounter this crisis again. If there is one fundamental question to ask yourself to be reborn, it’s the following: “What life do I want to lead?” Likewise, we can ask ourselves what we really want, both professionally and personally, as the two are intimately linked.

Decompartmentalizing all aspects

It is indeed a mistake to think that a burn-out only affects work. You may have no ambition and want to focus on other things in your life. You may have neglected other areas of your life because of professional overinvestment: health, love life, social life, family, etc. Work can take all of our energy and swallow everything.

➜ This is why you must decompartmentalize the different parts of your life to know how you want to treat each of them.

Giving meaning back to your life… and your work

It’s difficult to see how much you’ve got lost along the way. It’s a way of criticizing your past life to be sure of what you want in your life afterwards. This awareness is the best way to be reborn. The emotions generated by the questioning and the assessment can be transformed into a driving force to redesign your life as you want 💪. From there on, you can imagine what you want for your professional life.

Because that’s what you have to keep in mind: what meaning do you want to give to your life and your work? If there are several ways to achieve this, there is only one rebirth to consider: transforming this crisis with psychological damage into a positive conclusion in order to feel better in your professional and personal lives.

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Editor’s note: Take your time

After a burn-out, it’s important to take your time to recover, understand what happened, analyze the reasons, ask yourself the right questions, etc. This work can be long, and it’s important that you are accompanied by a good psychologist for it to be effective.

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