Changing Your Habits: The Key To More Happiness!

Caught up in my routine and daily life, I sometimes forget that the key to happiness is new things. And then one day, out of the blue, I change my route home and feel… lighter, less confined, freer. Habits are just as necessary as they are harmful, but there are 6 that might make you a little happier. Any bets? 😏

"Be the change you wish to see in this world" - Gandhi

6 habits to be happier

Changing habits isn’t so easy for everyone. It sometimes requires time, patience and real commitment. But I’m convinced that it’s a blessing in disguise. Changing our habits can make us a bit happier because our happiness doesn’t just depend on the outside world, on what’s happening outside, but also and above all on our state of mind and ability to see things in a new light. That’s why the following 6 new habits may help you. They’ll give you a new vision of life and yourself. You can do it!

1. Focus on the details

We often tend to wait for the big moments in life, the memorable events to rejoice and be happy, but we too often forget to marvel at the little things, the small joys and the beauty that’s hidden all around us. When you’re in a slump, what do you do? What gives you your smile back? These are the things you need to notice and imprint in your mind. And if you need inspiration, our toolbox is there with its little joys that do you good.

2. Live in the moment

I suffer a lot from anticipation anxiety or nostalgia and honestly, living in the past or anticipating the future prevents you from enjoying life 100%. How many Sundays with my family have I ruined by worrying about the following Monday? There’s no point in dwelling on it, what’s done is done and there are techniques to learn to be less anxious and enjoy the present moment to simply live more serenely.

3. Let go

Letting go is a notion we should all learn to master, as it makes life simpler and allows us to concentrate on what we can actually do something about. Once we’ve understood that, it becomes easier to accept some situations and work to achieve our goals.

4. Accept your emotions

Accepting your emotions is key to improving your state of mind. Indeed, accepting them also means understanding them and thus no longer suffering them, understanding where they come from and being able to channel them or express them calmly. We all have emotions and accepting them is a way of not letting ourselves be overcome by them and therefore of living more serenely with ourselves and others.

5. Make peace with your body

It’s important to reconnect with your body. Physical activity is essential for your well-being. Sport is good for socializing, it’s ideal for challenging yourself and learning about success and failure. You can also try yoga or sophrology to refocus on yourself. But to make peace with your body, you can also choose to accept yourself, to love yourself by taking care of yourself, by becoming aware of everything your body does for you, by eating better and also making love and masturbating.

6. Put a strategy in place

Create your own happiness. You wait patiently for it to knock at your door, but the happiest people are those who make an effort to be happy! If you want to be happy, start by making this goal a top priority.

Editor’s note: Let yourself be surprised!

Staying in a routine could lead you to miss out on new, often wonderful things. Don’t hesitate to shake up your habits to be happier. 👉 If you feel locked in your routine, that the unknown is paralyzing you, don’t hesitate to talk about it with our qualified psychologists in order to understand where this behavior comes from and how to put in place new habits that will allow you to blossom from day to day.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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