Gua Sha: Skin Transformation Activated!

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Our face, and particularly the skin on our face, is one of the first things we present to the world. To everyone. The gua sha can be the true foundation of our confidence or, on the contrary, our complexes, and can be our ally in both beauty and relaxation. This little tool from Asia, ultra-trendy at the moment, promises the earth, but should we allow ourselves to be tempted?

Gua Sha: Skin Transformation Activated!

Gua sha: The itchy massage

To do some good to our soul and spirit, we can be inspired by the Japanese rituals and practices, but today for our face, we’ll turn to traditional Chinese medicine and its gua sha. The translation of this term is hardly the stuff of dreams: gua = scratching and sha = disease 🤢. Images come to mind that are each more purulent than the other, but I’m in fact very far from the truth.

Gua sha is a small stone tool that’s used to massage the body, but more generally, the face. The idea is that this flat stone with rounded shapes will gently scrape the skin and stimulate the acupressure zones, draining the lymph, to detoxify, activate blood circulation, and sculpt the face.

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What are the benefits of gua sha? Better inside and out

With gua sha, we’re talking about visible effects from the first application, and that’s rather satisfying and motivating. The real secret, however, is regularity, a massage every evening, or at least three times a week is necessary to obtain visible and lasting results in the quality of your skin.

The gua sha massage has 7 benefits:

  • 1. A firmer and more toned skin. It has an anti-aging effect by stimulating collagen production. Gua sha lifts the contours of the face and prevents wrinkles from forming.
  • 2. A reduction of dark circles and bags under the eyes 🐼. It decongests and is one of the good anti-dark circle tips.
  • 3. A radiant complexion thanks to the activation of blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues.
  • 4. Clearer skin and fewer blemishes, as gua sha drains toxins. With regular massages, you can say goodbye to acne as an adult!
  • 5. Regulation of sebum production for both oily and dry skin.
  • 6. Better absorbed skin care. The active ingredients in your skincare products are more easily absorbed.
  • 7. An incredible moment of relaxation. Massages are known to have benefits for both the body and the mind. With gua sha, tensions are released, and the mind is soothed 💆.

How to use your gua sha?

  • 1. Clean and dry your face well.
  • 2. Ideally, apply oil, if possible.
  • 3. Start the massage from the neck, then from the bottom of the face to the forehead and from the center of the face outwards.
  • 4. Massage each area for about 30 seconds (repeating each movement 5 to 10 times).
  • 5. After the massage, rinse to prevent the oil from clogging your pores and apply your daily skincare.

⚠️ The best care tools are above all, those that are clean! Therefore, you should clean your gua sha very regularly with soap and water. And if you want to recharge the stone’s energies, dry it in the sun.

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5 minutes of pleasure - applying gua sha by zone

The neck
Divide your neck into two areas (right and left) and drag over each section from bottom to top.

The jaw and chin
Start from the center of the chin and slide the gua sha up to the earlobe.

The cheeks
Start from each side of the nose and work your way up to the nose.

Under the eyes
Start at the inner corner of the eye and slide to the temples.

The eyebrows
Slide along the eyebrow arch from the center to the outside.

The forehead
Divide the forehead into three areas (right, center, left) and slide the gua sha up to the hairline.

Does it really work?

If you apply regularly, of course there will be effects. A daily face massage is bound to be beneficial. The soft, cool effect of the stone (especially if you put it in the fridge 🧊) offers a real healthy glow and helps swelling go down. However, when it comes to blemishes and anti-aging effects, a tool like the jade roller would be more effective. The gua sha doesn’t provide deep stimulation, whereas the jade roller offers gentle pressure that promotes lymphatic drainage a little more. Both tools can be used in parallel and both will offer you a real moment of well-being. The gua sha massage really helps to relax and clear the mind.

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How to choose your gua sha? What’s the best stone?

Beyond the shape of the gua sha, it’s above all its quality that’s important. You should look for a gua sha made of real stone and not of reconstituted stone or plastic! It will cost you between $20 and $50.

Which gua sha should I choose?

Heart-shaped, wing-shaped or mushroom-shaped? What makes a quality gua sha is the stone it’s made of.

As for the stone that should make up your gua sha, each one has its own properties, if you’re a fan of precious stones and lithotherapy.

  • The rose quartz gua sha soothes, decongests and firms. Ideal for an anti-aging effect and a radiant complexion.
  • The jade gua sha soothes irritated skin
  • The green aventurine gua sha helps to purify the skin and relieve inflammation. Perfect for acne-prone skin
  • The blue sodalite gua sha helps moisturize stressed skin
  • The black obsidian gua sha helps heal the skin and promotes collagen production for mature skin.
  • The amethyst gua sha has purifying properties, ideal for skin with imperfections.

Incorrect use = dangers

The key word for a massage with a gua sha is gentleness. Gentle gestures are essential to avoid side effects such as bruising, redness or swelling. So avoid pressing on your skin like a brute! I remind you that a clean gua sha will also prevent an increase of skin problems. Finally, there are some cases in which it’s better to leave your gua sha in the cupboard (and your skin alone):

  • in case of sunburn (ideally, you should NEVER expose yourself without sun cream)
  • in case of skin lesions
  • in case of severe rosacea or acne

🥼 The gua sha is a natural tool that fits perfectly into all beauty and wellness routines, but don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist in order to have a complete and precise diagnosis of your skin, as well as the care routine to adopt.

So, should we adopt it?

Yes or no, the choice is of course up to you. If you’re here, reading this, it means you’re already a bit tempted. I vote in favor of the little things that can help us feel better and gain confidence! In addition, the undeniable asset of gua sha is how it offers a true moment of relaxation in a sometimes stressful everyday life. Combining wellness and well-being, frankly, it’s ideal. However, you can also choose to do without it and assume, without a little extra and especially without a daily massage, who you are. I’ve suffered from skin problems for over 20 years and accepting it is a journey, some days you just have to deal with it, and sometimes you just can’t. So if gua sha can help us get through the difficult times and boost our self-esteem, we won’t deny ourselves the opportunity. Let’s just be gentle with ourselves.

Editor’s note: Taking care of yourself does you good!

Taking care of yourself, of your well-being, however, you do it, always feels good. Don’t hesitate to try gua sha if you think it can do you good and make you feel better in your own skin. If you tend to feel bad about your body, have trouble accepting yourself, or simply feel that something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a coach.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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