6 Things I Won't Apologize For Anymore - Enough Is Enough!

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"Sorry, I…" Do you also start your sentences like this? For my part, I do very often, if not all the time. And you know what? I'm tired of always apologizing for everything. Sometimes I even feel like I'm apologizing for existing, because I'm always mumbling "sorry". Of course, politeness is a great asset, but too much isn’t a good thing and can mean that other people perceive us as weak. So today, I’ve decided that enough is enough! Without further ado, here are 6 things I won't apologize for anymore and definitely won’t allow myself to feel guilty about.

6 Things I Won't Apologize For Anymore - Enough Is Enough!

I’ll no longer say sorry in these 6 situations

1. Asking for help

This is the first thing I want to change, whether in my professional or personal life. In the case of the latter, I need to convince myself that my loved ones will always be happy to help me, if they can. If a friend asked me for help for any reason, I would be happy to give her a helping hand and would never want to leave her in the lurch. I certainly wouldn't turn my back on the people I love and know that the feeling is mutual.

2. Addressing my coworkers

I always start by apologizing when I address my colleagues "sorry to bother you but…". STOP! We work together, it's okay to ask questions or interact on issues, so we can get work done. That's how it works! I want to develop my assertiveness at work, and refusing to apologize all the time is part of that.

3. When I feel disrespected

I bet you've already experienced one of these situations too. For example, if someone bumps me, I apologize! Or even if someone cuts in line in front of me, I know I’m not in the wrong but am quick to act as if I am. It’s finally time I started standing up for myself and saying what I really think.

4. When I feel embarrassed

Ahh, this is something well known by introverts, shy people and people who lack confidence. When it comes to being in a social setting with several people, I quickly lose my cool. This embarrassment makes me apologize for everything, especially when I have to speak in public. Apologies become the only thing I can hold on to, but I know it's not the answer to my problem.

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5. Speaking my mind

I still have this feeling that my thoughts and opinions are worthless compared to others. So, in order to improve my self-confidence, I tell myself that I don't have to make excuses for saying what I think! Of course, the goal is not to hurt someone’s feelings by saying everything that comes to mind or by criticizing their physical appearance. But in a debate, I want to be able to express my opinion loud and clear without shame, after all, my opinion counts just as much as anyone else's!

6. Asking for a raise

I want to be paid the wage I deserve and won’t accept anything below it. I don't want anyone to negotiate or lower my rates anymore, because I not what I’m worth and what I bring to any company. Knowing my worth is crucial in me getting what I want and not accepting anything less.

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The editor's opinion: Find the right balance!

Repeated apologies are harmful to us in the long run because they give the image of an insecure person and this does not encourage us to trust ourselves, however, rest assured, because it can be worked on! It is important to find the right balance between saying sorry too often and refusing to do so.

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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