The Importance Of Questioning Yourself... Why Do It?

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I doubt myself a lot, questioning myself should be my strong point, but it’s not. Sometimes I can decentralize myself, even though there are still many areas where I question myself. For example, in conflicts, I don’t think that I act in the right way. Why is questioning yourself important? Can it really help us 🤔? All will be explained.

The Importance Of Questioning Yourself... Why Do It?

Why should we always question ourselves?

It’s important to question ourselves and introspect because it offers us many answers to our questions. We can decipher our weaknesses, know how we react when faced with an obstacle, understand why we are sometimes victimized. Questioning ourselves is sometimes difficult, but it’s the only way to improve 😎.

Questioning yourself for your own sake

We understand that taking a step back allows us to align ourselves with our hidden desires. In addition, there is sometimes a feeling deep inside us that something is wrong, a sort of muted malaise. This can be noticed quickly after several weeks or months, but it can take time if we’re not used to listening to our emotions.

“Is this really the life I want?”, “Should I think about changing profession?”, “Am I really happy?”... These are all questions we can ask ourselves to make sure we’re in tune with what we really want. We can also learn to detect a negative emotion, in order to get it out.

🤗 Questioning yourself is developing a proactive mindset to achieve your dreams. It’s a case of growing, evolving, awakening to whom you really are. It’s a case of learning not to suffer, but to learn from everything.

Questioning yourself for others

But that’s not all. You mustn’t forget others! It’s good to question yourself in order to detect whether you’re a toxic person for others or not, for example. Sometimes it’s those around us who invite us to take the path of introspection. It’s always difficult to accept criticism, but if it’s constructive and kind, it’s a necessary step. Maybe we made a mistake? Maybe we didn’t listen actively enough?

👩‍❤️‍👩 Questioning ourselves purifies our relationships. We learn to give others their rightful place, especially in conflicts.

How do you question yourself?

To start questioning yourself, you have to accept that you have your flaws. It’s human to make mistakes, you may have made a mistake in your choice of profession or in an argument with a friend. Acknowledging that you’re not perfect is already a good starting point.

Finding the balance with self-confidence

The biggest difficulty is believing that you never make mistakes. Even I, who doesn’t have much self-confidence, find it hard to admit when I make a mistake. It’s normal, it’s a way of preserving our ego, especially if we suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Nevertheless, it’s important to restore the balance. Learning to be self-confident doesn’t mean we stop questioning ourselves. On the contrary, feeling stronger allows us to know ourselves better and to detect more easily when we’re at fault.

For example, I often ask myself why I always make the wrong choices 🥴. Questioning myself helps me to understand my decisions.

Asking yourself the right questions

Listening to our emotions is part of questioning ourselves. For this, we must already ask ourselves the right questions, namely:

👉 Who am I really? To discover who we are.

👉 What are my qualities? My flaws? To recognize our mistakes in case of conflict.

👉 What makes me tick? What are my passions? To know our deepest desires.

👉 What have I never dared to say? To assert ourselves and say what we think.

We have to accept to decentralize while going within ourselves. It may seem contradictory, but it happens in several stages. First, we must learn to listen to ourselves, to know ourselves and to gain confidence. Second, once we’ve managed to delineate the contours of who we are, it’s easier to listen to others and acknowledge our mistakes. It’s not an easy exercise, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to get help from a life coach 👏!

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, intelligent enough to learn from them, and strong enough to correct them.” John C Maxwell

Editor’s note: Working on yourself isn’t always evident

Questioning yourself is necessary to move forward in your personal and professional life, even if it’s not always easy. It’s work on yourself, individual work that’s not always simple to do alone, which is why it may be interesting to get help from a psychologist. They will help you to ask the right questions and find the right approach.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!

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