Why Being Single Is Great, And How You Can Learn To Love It

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Love surrounds us, and it can be pretty hard to escape it at times. We all dream of finding that person who will make our hearts skip a beat, yet the only problem is that at times our soulmate seems to be well and truly hidden despite our best efforts. Before you lose faith in humanity and the powers of Cupid, you could decide to devote your time and energy to another cause! In a nutshell, you must refocus and enjoy yourself... Discover the things a single person can do instead of looking for love! Discover why you shouldn’t waste your time looking for Mr. Perfect


Since our early childhoods, we have been lulled by the illusion that Prince Charming exists and is waiting for us around the corner. This is known as the Cinderella complex and don't we know it! It is because of this, plus today's society, that being single seems like an insurmountable task for many of us. Far be it from us to disappoint you, but life is not a fairy tale or a romcom, where relationships are perfect and free of drama and issues. When we think about the time and energy that we spend looking for love, we soon realize that we could do something more useful with it! Looking for love never guarantees results, so we might as well devote ourselves to something else, right? Maybe you'll find your soulmate without looking for them, but in the meantime, here's what you can do to be happy with yourself!

Self-confidence is your best ally as a single woman

Often, we look for love to reassure ourselves. We tell ourselves that in our partner's eyes, we will feel important, beautiful and strong. Unfortunately, things are not so simple, and these sensations frequently only last a while! If the lack of confidence is deeply anchored in us, it is not for your partner to bandage it up, instead comes down to us to repair. Before loving someone else, it is necessary to love yourselfand to appreciate one's life at its true value. In a relationship, this avoids turning into a jealous monster or constantly asking your partner to reassure you.

Also, consciously deciding not envy anyone and not to compare yourself are two beautiful keys to be happy. Such attitudes lead to confidence and allow you to be strong enough to stand on your own two feet! This is the difference between choosing a relationship to fill a void and choosing to be with someone because we have feelings for them.


In other words, build a solid foundation and don't put your happiness in someone else's hands. There's nothing like feeling strong, independent and self-sufficient to flatter your ego! By having confidence in yourself, you will be armed to face life, and enjoy it!

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Taking care of yourself and figure out what you want rather than looking for love

When we are in love with the idea of love, we tend to jump from one relationship to another in order to avoid being alone. But when do you take time for yourself? This kind of attitude towards relationships is brutal because you don't fully recover from your past break-ups, which means you are just setting yourself up for more heartbreak and failure.

Taking the time to refocus on what we really want in life will allow us to finally make the right choices, and those are the ones that make us happy! Forgetting about your past wounds, ruptures and resentments will help you make peace with yourself and move forward with our projects. Adopting this new attitude will help you make better partner choices too. Going about finding love in this way is better than throwing ourselves into the arms of the first person that pays us any attention! Taking stock of one's life is not only about relationships. By taking a step back, you can identify anything that no longer suits you, from work, your image, your apartment to dating.

Speaking of image, after you have done what it takes to feel good inside, let's move on to the outside! Physical and mental wellbeing are often linked, which is why taking care of oneself is a pleasure and can make you feel more confident. Do whatever makes you happy, from shopping, pampering yourself to a hairdresser’s appointment. Taking care of yourself will ensure you feel fulfilled, radiant and attractive.

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Doing what you love instead of looking for love

We may not realize it, but single life gives us a lot of free time. Instead of spending it skimming through dating apps or the local bars, we could spend it on other activities. Sport, humanitarian causes, discoveries of all kinds, or even at the movies... There is surely something that you are passionate about, even if you don't know it yet! So, it's time to get started, it's not as if we lack time and energy. The one and only person responsible for our schedule is us! We can do what we want, when we want, freedom, real freedom!

The editorial staff's opinion: Live your passions to the fullest, and why not meet new people?

When we do what we like, we understand the difference between ‘feeling alive’ and ‘living’. It's a way to blossom in a field that balances us. Moreover, having a passion can allow you to discover common points with someone, to have things to learn and share, it's always a plus on your resume too! Who knows, you might meet great people who are interested in the same things as you? Your future love may not be so far away!

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