4 Tips For Learning To Love Yourself: Say Goodbye To Self-Belittlement!

“I’m rubbish”, “I’m ugly”, “I can’t do anything”… It’s difficult to embrace a good sense of self-esteem. However, this is the key to achieving fulfilment and equilibrium. By learning to love ourselves, we will be able to feel good in our body and feel good in our mind. Let’s get started!

4 tips for accepting yourself

Cognitive-behavioral therapy might be useful for people who have low self-esteem. However, some more simpler tips can be put into practice on a daily basis!

1. Look at yourself kindly

You shouldn’t blame yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you didn’t manage to keep a promise or didn’t reach a goal you set yourself. It’s human to make mistakes and this is how we learn. You should accept your weaknesses and faults.

2. Don’t give in to pressure

It is extremely important to not always think of the worst-case scenario. You should stop being afraid! When undertaking a new project, take some time out for you to relax and believe in yourself. You’re like everybody else; you have several skills allowing you to reach your goals! Being confident in your skillset will allow you to take the pressure off and rediscover your confidence.

3. Don’t let what others think affect you

When other people look at you, it often causes feelings of insecurity. It’s essential you stop wondering what other people think.  Don’t seek approval from others, you and you alone should be appreciative of yourself. By living for yourself, you’ll learn to love yourself again. Accept yourself as you are, both physically and mentally.

4. Think positively

Say goodbye to negative thinking and hello to positivity. This will then allow you to see the positive side of life and put things into perspective. In order to succeed at thinking positively, you can write about each day in a notebook. For example, you can note down something you are proud of, or even something less significant. As a result, you will notice a lot more positivity in your life than you could ever have imagined!

Editor’s Opinion – A problem shared is a problem halved

Sometimes it’s no good; we see ourselves as rubbish and it’s as if you can’t do anything about. If, despite all the tips, you struggle to increase your sense of self-esteem, you can contact a therapist… especially if this suffering is really getting you down. If you find it difficult making friends, thriving in your work life or even finding love, a psychoanalytical or behavioral therapist might be the answer.

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