10 Signs That You Are Now Over 30, But Don’t Panic, It’s Not All Bad

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And just like that, one day, bam, I turned 30. 30 years old, eeeekkkk! 😱 I thought I would sail into my 30s without a care in the world, but that wasn’t exactly the case. I was caught between feeling like I wasn't an adult and feeling like I was getting old, yet I still had to face the facts: I had aged and that was the bottom line. How did I know I had gotten ‘old’? Well, cocktail parties had become a thing of the past and in fact, I celebrated my 30th birthday over dinner.


Do you recognize yourself in these 10 signs? If so, then you have aged!

1. When we talk about young people, you feel less and less concerned

And sometimes you might even say “back in the day”, beware, because soon, you will be the one talking about “the youth of today”.

2. You no longer have the same priorities

Remember that infernal quest to find the perfect pumps? Well, pumps are still your thing (although they're still warm in the closet) but now you can spend hours looking at real estate ads or testing the latest kitchen accessory. Because when you're 30, a home cooked meal is something you look forward to.

3. You prefer comfort

When you heard about lockdown upon lockdown, you immediately thought of your leggings and your comfy bathrobe. Because yes, since you're 30 years old, you've been buying comfortable things and can’t imagine partying the night away anymore.

4. You like to stay at home

And you're okay with it. You spent years waiting to get permission from your parents to go out, and now... you don't even want to leave your house anymore. In fact, you prefer good restaurants to nice nightclubs.

5. You get up early on weekends

And yet you have nothing special to do!

6. With your girlfriends you talk about babies, house prices and loans

And besides, you have all three.

7. Your fridge is full of vegetables

Because age has made you sensible, but also because reality has hit you in the face. At 30, you lose weight much more slowly than at 20.

8. Drake, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande; sometimes you feel left behind

And there it is, the blow of old age assured. You are only 30 years old, and sometimes you feel like a dinosaur.

9. You spend all your money on wedding and birth gifts

But you'll get your revenge in due time...

10. You are nostalgic

Nostalgic for a lighter life, when your parents were more understanding, when you wore a little more mini skirt, when you were not asked when you were going to have a child and when you used to drink vodka instead of talking about food and wine.

Now you know, our thirties may make us seem a little old, especially when you realize how fast 10 years go by (hello 40!). Beyond the wisdom, the reason and this little vintage charm, the best thing about getting older is that you learn and experience new things, which make you more efficient, stronger and more confident.

Editor’s opinion: 30 is the new 20

Getting older is scary. It's true that it's hard to get older, but we'll put it into perspective by telling ourselves that 30 is not so old and that it's much better than our twenties. We are more confident in ourselves, more independent and wiser. At 30, we know what we want and what we don't want. 30 is the time of the big sorting. You get closer to your real friends, you assert your style, you know how to recognize a toxic relationship, and you know how to better manage your time, because in 10 years, you’ll certainly see how time flies.

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