Being HUMBLE: Why Is Humility A Precious Quality?

I’ve always wondered whether I’m humble. I think it’s difficult to say totally honestly whether you’re humble or not. I feel like it’s contradictory: if you say it, then somehow you’re not humble. 🤔 So how is humility defined? Why is it a precious quality? How do we differentiate it from a lack of self-confidence? All will be explained.


How is humility determined?

It’s difficult to define whether a person is truly humble or not. That’s why psychology researcher Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso conducted a series of experiments. She wanted to evaluate the intellectual humility of her volunteers. Humility isn’t related to having high potential with a high IQ. In fact, humility is linked to other qualities such as curiosity, reflection or open-mindedness. This is already a good start to realize that it’s a valuable quality 🤗!

Related positive character traits

Humility can therefore be defined by positive personality traits. In addition to those highlighted by the researcher, other studies have shown that humble individuals manage their anger better and are less judgmental towards others.

🙂 Humility is a precious quality that proves that you’re a tolerant person, not only towards others but also to yourself.

Differentiating humility from a lack of self-confidence

Beyond character traits, I’ve always felt that a lack of self-esteem corresponds to humility. However, it’s to be differentiated from self-confidence. Indeed, the latter is manifested by 2 types of attitudes 🧐:

👉 The feeling of inferiority: withdrawing into yourself, not daring…

👉 The feeling of superiority: it may seem paradoxical, but we hide our feeling of superiority by judging and criticizing others in order to find a fault, such as jealousy.

Self-confidence comes first and foremost from within, it’s recognition of yourself by yourself. It allows us to be humble, as it gives us the possibility to observe ourselves without pretense. Being humble is recognizing our own strengths and weaknesses accurately, which isn’t possible when we lack self-esteem 👀.

How can we show humility?

Humility is a precious quality: there’s no need to kid yourself or deceive others. We learn from ourselves and our mistakes. But above all, we know how to respect the qualities and contributions of others without feeling threatened 😌.

👉 Therefore, to be more humble, you must:

  • Be honest with yourself;
  • Be aware of your personal value;
  • Respect others;
  • Not feel threatened by others;
  • Be self-confident.

Being humble means knowing when others are better than us. You need to know how to take a step back, but also differentiate humility and modesty. Indeed, this corresponds more to an attitude than a personality trait 🤔.

Humility or modesty?

Humility doesn’t show itself to others, modesty does 😬. It’s much less anchored in us than humility because the latter requires true consciousness and construction work. Moreover, we can play with modesty in front of others. It’s more a question of appearance, even a social mask, than an objective reality.

Only you can know if you’re humble or not. It’s such a deep quality that you need to look for it within yourself. It allows you to be aligned with other positive values and feel totally confident. Being humble is showing great inner strength 💪.

Editor’s note: A fantastic quality

Humility is a marvelous quality that improves our relationships: professional, family, or love, whatever the field, a good dose of humility works wonders. If after reading this article, you feel that your “humility” is actually a lack of self-esteem, don’t hesitate to contact one of our coaches.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy… It’s here and now!

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