I’ve Decided To Stop Procrastinating Today! Here's What I'm Going To Do

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A bit later... Tomorrow... And then in the end never! Who hasn’t ever preferred to put something off to the next day when we could have done it on the day itself? That’s it! You’ve been uncovered, procrastination is your best friend. But how do you get things done on time? Here are our 5 tips to stop putting things off until the next day, and they’re for right now! 💪

I’ve Decided To Stop Procrastinating Today! Here's What I'm Going To Do

It’s well known that what’s done is done! However, there are several reasons why you tend to procrastinate, i.e. to put everything off until the next day. One thing is certain, you have trouble organizing your actions and thoughts. Let’s find out together how to stop giving in to procrastination.

A definition is necessary before we get down to business. Procrastination means systematically putting something off until the next day, postponing it, or delaying it. Instead of doing it right away, we put it off, we still don’t do it and this is how we miss things...

👉 In short, we voluntarily put off a task we think we’ll do, knowing full well that the delay will cause us suffering.

5 tips against procrastination

1. List your priorities

Overwhelmed by our priorities, we no longer know where to turn, papers here, papers everywhere! It’s a real mishmash, in which we often end up drowning our willingness. It’s important to be able to put some order into all this, in other words, to be able to prioritize your tasks! There’s no secret, organization is the keyword!

For example, use the To-Do List principle: list all your tasks, sorting out those that need to be done immediately and those that can wait. This is a good way for you to focus on the essentials and thus target the elements you need to devote your time and energy. Start with the most tedious tasks, those that require the most motivation and attention, so you can get rid of them and finish with the more digestible ones.

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2. Determine a suitable space to work in

The setting and atmosphere you work in are essential. If you’re not a hard worker, make sure you do everything you can to get going once and for all! Keep all distractions at bay so that you’re as focused and available as possible. Yes, it’s time to disconnect from your social media in favor of your notebook and pen.

Keep only the things that are useful for your work! You’ll be more productive and focused on your task. Sit in a quiet place where your mind can best think. There’s nothing worse than outside noise to hamper your efficiency and disrupt your concentration. 

3. Organize your time

Another effective thing is to organize your working time. Making a schedule is a good way to stick to your goals. For example: on Monday from 10 to 11.30 a.m., you do your accounting and then after 11.30 a.m., you take on a new task. This will prevent you from taking too long doing what you need to do, and therefore from missing out on your other projects. Organizing your time also means giving yourself regular breaks when you feel you deserve and need them.

🤫 If you have a short attention span, there’s no point in cramming for hours upon hours to end up with zero productivity! On the contrary, if you need to take your mind off things from time to time to be efficient, do so! 👋 Elon Musk’s 7 tips to be super productive.

4. After the effort comes the reward…

Yes, as the old saying goes, “after the effort comes the reward”. If you’re having trouble getting down to work and keeping up the pace, don’t ask too much of yourself, and don’t be too demanding of yourself. For example, after a task is done, give yourself a little break (which lasts no more than 15 mins) to simply clear your head for a moment. And for a good reward

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5. Find your motivation

There’s no doubt about it, very often lack of motivation means procrastination! Motivation is your real driving force, which will allow you to take the plunge, to get your feet wet! Let’s go! We all have our own way of motivating ourselves to work and achieve our goals. Some of us need music, others need to work in a group, and others need to be alone. The important thing is to know what works for you so that you can adopt the right way of working to perform.

So, convinced?

Not yet perhaps, but you’ll soon realize that getting things done on time will give you great satisfaction and, above all, a boost of enthusiasm for future tasks. There’s nothing more pleasant than crossing off what you’ve done on your To-Do List, right? Not only will it save you time, but it will also give you a sense of self-satisfaction. So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

Editor’s note: Stop procrastinating, it can be learned!

We all procrastinate from time to time but beware when procrastination becomes chronic, a way of life in its own right, it’s hiding something. Why do we always put things off until the next day? What fears, and anxieties, do procrastination hide? Procrastination then becomes a symptom of a problem that needs to be resolved. Psychologists consider it to be coping, i.e. efforts to reduce our stress levels. Some psychologists even say that procrastination is a form of self-sabotage, that we fail an exam because we haven’t studied or worked hard, not because we’re incapable. The good news is that procrastination is a behavior that is learned and that can be overcome. To do this, make an appointment with a psychologist, and together you’ll analyze the underlying reasons for procrastination and put in place new habits to unlearn it.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!

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