Sexting: Rules To Follow And Examples To Inspire You!

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Your pocket vibrates, you pick up your phone, and suddenly your whole body is vibrating. That’s what happens when you receive a hot message from your crush, the kind that sets your knickers on fire! It’s called a sext, a combination of sex and text message. Who hasn’t enjoyed receiving one?! But even if you love it, it’s not always easy to get it right. Between the rules to be respected to be safe and the lack of ideas, we give you all the rules of a good sext as well as some inspiration. Let’s get started!

Sexting: Rules To Follow And Examples To Inspire You!

The sext that sets things alight

Ah, increasing desire through words 🔥! Something as old as the hills. Indeed, if we’re talking about sexting, specific to the mobile phone, humanity didn’t wait for it to write naughty things to each other. Erotic writing has always been a thing, but communication was always slow. We had time to cool off 20 times by the time the object of our desires received our letter 😂.

Today, sexting allows us to do everything. We send a message to give a taster, to maintain or rekindle our libido, to excite, to find each other, or to masturbate from a distance... There are a thousand reasons to send a caliente message. It’s great, but it’s not without risks, especially if you send a “nude” message.

The risks of sexting

On the face of it, sexting isn’t a dangerous sexual practice, but in reality, you’re still taking risks by sending this kind of content, especially if you send a nude! This is a suggestive photo showing part or all of your body naked. It can also be a cruder photo, of masturbation, for example. In short, a nude is clearly explicit. If a sext is already risky (hello sending a message to “Boss” instead of “Paolo the handsome waiter” 😱 ), a nude photo or more can be a disaster.

Indeed, the biggest risk is revenge porn. As the name suggests, this consists of taking revenge by distributing images and nudes that should have remained private. Obviously, this can have dramatic consequences for your personal and professional lives. You can lose your job if the image is circulated within the company, but it can go even further. There can be cases of cyberbullying, particularly among teenagers. All this can lead to the victim committing suicide, so it should not be taken lightly 😥.

The rules of “safe” sexting

👉 Don’t send a sext or nude message to someone you don’t know well or at all
👉 Likewise, check the recipient carefully
👉 Suggest rather than show everything
👉 Put consent at the center, don’t send anything to please. It has to please us.

How do you sext successfully?

Not putting yourself in danger to avoid dramatic consequences, we’ve now memorized that. Now we can move on to the more fun part, namely how to sext successfully for greater excitement and pleasure. Even if you have a fulfilling sex life, you can still find yourself dumbfounded and not knowing what to reply or how to engage in sexting.

Suggesting rather than showing everything is a rule of safety, but also a rule of successful sexting. It’s much hotter to send a photo with a bit of bum and a suspender belt than to have an an*s on full screen, isn’t it 😅? It heightens the desire and helps stimulate the imagination! Just as ellipses, “...” help to reinforce that feeling, so don’t hesitate to use them!

Woman in lingerie

Suggesting rather than showing is much more exciting!

Another thing to bear in mind is timing. Avoid sending a sext when your crush or partner is in a meeting or with their mother. It could be inappropriate, and you could miss out completely. If you don’t know what the other person is doing, choose an opportune moment like the evening.

Finally, use your imaginations for this sex game! You can share fantasies that you don’t dare say out loud 🤐. While the photos should remain soft, the words can be a little cruder. Describing what you’d like to experience or have experienced can be a good way of raising the temperature very quickly...

🔥 10 examples of sexts to send 🔥

Well, advice is all very well, but would you like some examples of real sexting 👀? We can give you some, ranging from the softest and sweetest to the hottest! Punctuation doesn’t count most of the time, except of course for the “...” 😬:

“I want to feel your lips against mine...”

“My body wants you”

“I'm completely naked. Guess what I’m doing...”

“I had the hottest dream last night... and you were in it”

“If I was standing there naked in front of you, what would you do?”

“I can’t concentrate, I can’t stop thinking about the last time we saw each other...”

“Your tongue all over my body, I want more”

“I want to feel your body against mine and your thrusts”

“I can’t wait to see you again and make you cum until you can’t take it anymore”

“I want to feel you inside me right now // I want to be inside you right now”

That should give you a good basis for the rest! You also need to follow the spontaneity of the conversation and adapt, but at least you’ve got the basics and the safety rules. Now all you need to do is click send 📲!

Editor’s note - A game, not a solution!

Sexting is a great way to spice up a relationship when you respect the basic rules. It can help to restore a bit of libido or to play with your partner. However, it’s not a miracle solution. If, despite your best efforts, you find that your sex life is looking a bit sad, you can seek professional help. Don’t hesitate to consult one of our sexologists for answers to your questions.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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