"I Changed My Mind": Proof Of Your Strength Of Character!

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They say that only fools don’t change their minds, and I tend to agree with that saying. Winning back your ex only to realize that you don’t love him anymore, deciding to become a vegan after eating meat at every meal, saying no on your wedding day, etc. Some U-turns are harder and riskier than others, but changing your mind happens. It’s no big deal and on the contrary, saying it and assuming it is a great strength of character! And we love that!


I’m not my past

As I entered my thirties, I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia and a desire to take care of my body. As a child, I had practiced classical dance and still had wonderful memories of pastel pink, gracious poses, and beautiful music. I was more motivated than ever. I researched for days, paid a huge registration fee, and bought the whole outfit in local specialized shops. When I got home, I tried on the pantyhose, slippers, and leotards and I was uncomfortable, but nothing could dampen my enthusiasm. I wanted to announce to the world that I was starting classical that, fortunately, I’d evolved from since I was 8. Everything I did and liked doing for a while didn’t define the person I am now, and now I didn’t want to suffer and have a bad time in my spare time.

What I learned from this small change of heart is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about making a U-turn, even if you’re for it. Just ask yourself if changing your mind made you a more fulfilled person. If the answer is yes, you did the right thing, and you’re right to assume it.

I’m the star of my life... 🎬

... And I weigh my words. The idea is quite representative of what I’m talking about. There are many reasons for making bad choices:

  • haste
  • lack of information
  • misjudgment
  • influence
  • desire to please

Except that in the end we’re still the only ones living our lives, so it’s always legitimate to change our minds. Often, it doesn’t go down well when we change our minds. We all agree that taking an overpriced dress back to the shop doesn’t have the same impact as canceling your wedding the day before, but the change always makes waves or a bit of a stir. So be prepared to have to make excuses. 😏 Changing your mind shows that you’re strong, that you know how to say no, but it doesn’t stop you from apologizing. Let’s not forget that going backward can hurt those around us. Depending on the context, some situations will require a little patience before going back to normal or a more relaxed life, but it shouldn’t hold you back from realizing who you are.

Being in tune with yourself

Everything is there. In life, we can put up with situations: a job we don’t like, being single, illness, etc., but we must never forget that our life is our own, and we’re the only ones who can decide how we live it. It’s a major responsibility and requires us to ask ourselves questions: does my life correspond to MY choices? Is my life in line with who I am? You may come across as feeble, weak-willed, even a bit fickle, but that’s the way it is. No matter what you’ve been through, if the situation doesn’t suit you in the end, what’s the point of locking yourself in it?

👉 Giving up takes great courage, it’s also very liberating, but above all, it’s the greatest proof of love you can offer yourself. So allow yourself to change your mind! 💪

Editor’s note: You have the right to change your mind!

You have the right to change your mind or your desires, and this shouldn’t make you feel bad. This change of opinion is proof that you’ve thought about and analyzed the situation. However, if you’ve changed your mind based on other people’s opinions, you may be too easily influenced or being controlled by a manipulator. In this case, we strongly advise you to get in touch with a psychologist to discuss it.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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