What Exactly Does It Mean To Be An Extrovert?

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I wish I could say loud and clear that I’m an extrovert, but not at all. I belong to the opposite team, the team of introverts. However, even though we don’t operate in the same way, that doesn’t prevent me from being surrounded by extroverts. I myself have a few moments when my introversion gives way to my extroversion, when I feel good, surrounded by a few people that I know well. So how does extroversion work? How is it different? What can you do to get on well with an extrovert? Let me explain.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be An Extrovert?

What is being extroverted?

Psychoanalyst Carl Yung was the first to describe what it was like to “be an introvert” and to “be an extrovert”. These traits are also one of the pillars of the Big 5, a theory that allows us to better understand how someone works. Extroversion means that the person will be more easily turned toward others. They even need these social contacts to recharge their batteries and feel good about their life. Of course, whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you need to have a social life so as not to feel alone and abandoned 🤕. An extrovert will tend to go naturally towards others and will manage to express themselves quite naturally!

What’s being introverted, then? These words don’t fit you? Our article 10 signs that help you to know if you’re an introvert should speak to you!

How do you recognize an extrovert?

There are great features given to outgoing people that are very constructive. They’re generally:

  • Communicative 💬: they like talking and having rich discussions.
  • Spontaneous 💃: they like taking action quickly and don’t procrastinate.
  • Curious 🔍: they’re very open-minded and interested in different things.
  • Active 🤾‍♀️: they don’t like staying static for too long, you need to move and discover with them!
  • Accessible 🥰: they’re readily available to others, which makes them easier to get in touch with.

I admire people who are really extroverted because what comes out of them is almost solar radiation. They know how to reach out to others and can form a bond quickly, whatever the situation. Their superpower 🦸‍♀️? In a room full of people, extroverts have no trouble moving from one group to another if they don’t know anyone. They manage to have the gift of the gab and are at ease with “small talk”. This is staggering for introverts who would rather remain stood against the wall silently observing what’s happening #beentheredonethat 😂!

What are the differences between an extrovert and an introvert?

To fully understand the difference between the two traits, extroverts need regular social contact to feel good 🥳.  Whereas introverts recharge their mental battery by being alone! Group outings, parties, lunches with friends… In short, all social activities are good for an extrovert, while an introvert will prefer to select quiet little moments with one or two people who are dear to them.

Is it bad to be an extrovert?

In general, it’s considered better to be an extrovert than an introvert in our society 🤔. To be turned towards others, rather than towards yourself, is a value that’s largely conveyed positively, especially in the professional sphere. 🤭 However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some flaws that are associated with extroversion. In particular, extroverts like monopolizing speech and have trouble listening to others. It’s also said that they tend to be too spontaneous and can be hurtful as their words run ahead of their thoughts.

How do you get along with extroverted people?

I’m introverted, but that doesn’t stop me from being friends with extroverts 😜! So how can we get along, even though we have two different ways of functioning? One of the first things I do is show that I’m there, even at a distance and when we don’t see each other. I take an interest in the other person and I offer them outings, even if there are only two of us. It’s a good in-between, between her and me, and it allows us to balance our personality traits ⚖️! In general, an extrovert will need:

  • A lot of attention and recognition,
  • To see that we appreciate doing activities with them,
  • To respect the fact that they need lots of groups of friends that gravitate around them,
  • Not to be interrupted when they speak, as this is also their chain of thought,
  • To go out and do loads of stimulating things: shopping, exhibitions, museums, etc.

What if we recognize ourselves in both traits?

There are many clichés going around about extroversion and introversion, and we also tend to easily confuse them with other traits such as shyness or self-confidence. In reality, we may recognize ourselves as much in the fact of being introverted as extroverted, we have the right to be a mixture of the two. Not everything is black or white, there are shades of gray 👀! Just because we stick more to one end of the spectrum doesn’t mean that we correspond to it 100%. It’s not a label, even for me who’s very introverted, I still have my extroverted moments with my friends! It’s not this single personality trait that totally defines who we are.

There are other ways to get to know each other than through these features, there are various tests like the MBTI, which give more details about how we work 😊. However, the best thing is to find a life coach or a psychologist if you feel that you have trouble understanding and listening to yourself!

Editor’s note: Getting to know yourself is important

Knowing whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert allows you to know yourself better and at the same time understand your needs. Know yourself better and understanding yourself is important in order to accept yourself and finally be in tune with yourself. If you feel that you no longer know who you are, or what you want, or if you’re suffering, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a psychologist to take stock.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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