10 Signs That You’re An Introvert And That’s Just Fine!

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Dearest loneliness, when you’re around, well that’s ok! I remember with delight the parties we used to have. I used to like it, but there was always a moment when I was alone in the toilets or the kitchen and I regained some strength. How many times have I heard: “People exhaust me… literally!”? Introvert, me? Maybe I am.

10 Signs That You’re An Introvert And That’s Just Fine!

First, what is an introvert?

Introversion isn’t shyness. Shyness is the fear of what others think, the fear of being judged. You can be shy and an introvert, but you don’t have to be. Introversion is a character trait, so unlike shyness, you have no choice but to live with it. An introvert will be more inward-looking, while an extrovert will be outward-looking.

👉 An important point to know whether you’re an introvert or not is to ask yourself whether the company of others is a loss or a gain of energy. These 10 attitudes are also a sign of introversion.

How to know if you're an introvert? 10 signs that indicate you are

Introversion isn’t always well thought of. It’s often thought to be a weakness, a flaw, or even a sign of vanity. Frequently remaining alone and aloof or discreet in groups, I’ve frequently been accused of a certain arrogance. Ouch! Knowing yourself better also means assuming yourself better, living yourself better, and learning to detach yourself from what others think. That’s why recognizing yourself as an introvert is the first step towards greater peace of mind! I’m an introvert if:

1. I prefer deep discussions to chit-chat

Ah, small talk, how awful 😱! Feeling obliged to talk about the rain, the nice weather, and the latest Netflix series is very demanding. For an introvert, discussions need to have a purpose. That’s why the idea of creating a professional network is quite stressful. Introverts can keep a conversation, but they prefer them to be deep and authentic. That’s why chatting, especially career talk, lacks sincerity for an introvert.

2. I prefer quiet moments

I’m coming back to the main point that differentiates introverts and extroverts. If extroverts need contact with others to feel fulfilled and in great shape, introverts only recharge their batteries alone and in a calm situation. There’s nothing more demanding for an introvert than to spend Friday night partying with a dozen people. It’s important to understand this and not put pressure on them. Introverts do go to parties and gatherings, but they still prefer one-on-one time, small groups, or solitude to feel at ease.

3. I’m easily distracted

The more stimulating the environment, the harder it is for an introvert to remain concentrated. So an open space and an introvert just don’t go! The slightest whisper, sniff, or burst of laughter, and it’s all over. Calm is the only solution for introverts to remain focused and concentrate on their tasks or hobbies.

4. I don’t get bored

As an introvert, I’m fully aware of the benefits of boredom, better yet, I never get bored 😊. Spending days on my own at home isn’t a source of anxiety at all, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Downtime is necessary for introverts, they’re fulfilling moments during which they can recharge their batteries.

5. I’m in a relationship with an extrovert

It’s not uncommon to see introverts in the company of extroverts. The former like to be swept away by the social ease and the fun of the latter. In a relationship, introverts and extroverts often have trouble communicating and understanding each other, but deep down, depending on the situation, one is often the other’s crutch and vice-versa.

6. I don’t always answer my friends’ calls

I’m sitting quietly on my sofa after a long day at work, and then bam! My phone rings, a friend is calling me. Typically, I don’t answer. It’s like a surprise intrusion into my world, and I’m unable to switch suddenly from my quiet moment to a chat with friends. Those who love me know this, which is why we never ring each other with making an appointment.

7. I prepare myself mentally for meetings

It’s impossible, and I mean impossible, to force myself to go out impromptu. Any situation that involves an encounter with the outside world and/or strangers requires preparation. This handicap implies having supportive friends who give me plenty of warning, otherwise, I won’t be there.

8. I have a great capacity for introspection

I know my inner world perfectly, and that’s the case for many introverts. Furthermore, I regularly self-analyze and I’m able to observe what is happening deep down inside me. It’s even the basis of my balance.

9. I like writing

Because writing is much easier than daring to speak in public, and because writing is a creative and solitary activity. There’s nothing better for an introvert than being alone with your thoughts.

10. I’ve often been told that I need to make an effort

Many introverted children are encouraged to join in more regularly, participate in class, and not stay in their corner. Introverted adults are typically told that they’re too shy and antisocial, that in short, they’re out of step with others and need to make an effort to integrate. There may be efforts to be made, but being an extrovert isn’t an end in itself nor a guarantee of happiness. It’s simply a matter of understanding that introverts need moments to themselves and to spend a bit of time in their own bubble.

And to better understand yourself or others, I recommend the excellent introvert gang.

Editor’s note: The world belongs to introverts!

In our societies, that tend to glorify extroverts, introverts get bad press. They’re criticized for not elbowing their way through, for being weak, and for not making themselves heard. And yet, introverts possess great strengths, such as thinking before acting, showing interest in our inner self and that of others, listening attentively, etc…

💪 If you’re an introvert, learn to accept your character. This inferiority is a strength, become aware of it and expose your sensitivity to the world with pride. However, this work on yourself isn’t easy to do alone, which is why we recommend you make an appointment with a coach.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy… It’s here and now!

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