Empowerment: Take The Power!

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I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like new words are popping up every day. As the world changes and evolves, our vocabulary grows or at least tries to grow. Because it’s true that although we often see new words appear, we don’t always know exactly what they mean. The one that interests me today is empowerment. If you’re ready to take power, let's get started!

Empowerment: Take The Power!

What is empowerment? - Assumption of power that comes from afar

Empowerment, comes from the US 🇺🇸. It was born there at the start of the 20th century in the context of social struggles. With empowerment, we have the idea of taking power. Taking power by individuals to act on the social, political, economic, or even ecological conditions they have to face. The aim is clearly to take power in order to acquire your own freedom, to emancipate yourself in order to take back control of your life. It’s doing everything you can to finally have control over the situation.

Empowerment is mostly associated with feminism, we speak of female empowerment, but it can also be extended to the professional, management, and private spheres in order to, among other things, better accept yourself, regain self-confidence and assume your ambitions.

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How can we boost our power to act?

Knowing your value is the basis of empowerment. Knowing your value means answering the question “who am I?”, but it also means understanding that what you are, what you feel, what you want, need, etc. is just as valuable as what others are, feel, want, or need.


Now I know what I’m worth #empowerment

Know your worth

In order to take back power, you need to start by knowing yourself and refusing to accept the labels that people put on you. This means taking a big step back, doing a little introspection, having no outside influence, and understanding that what you are can also evolve. I am what I am and what I am can evolve, but my value always remains the same. I have the perfect example: I wanted more than anything to be an editor. It was really a job I had dreamt of for a long time, to the point where I was even fantasizing about it, visualizing my perfect little life as an editor. I almost made it, and then it all fell apart, and I found another job.

It took me a long time to be happy and fulfilled after that. I was ashamed to say what I did for a living, ashamed that I was no longer/not an editor, and I found it hard to let go of that dream life. I was convinced that I’d lost my value by losing this job. That’s not true! You can change your life, move to another job, leave your ideal partner, etc. None of this changes your value, as long as it’s your choice.

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Take power over your life

And speaking of choices, we touch on the heart of empowerment: having complete and real power over your own life. That is, making your own choices and taking responsibility for them, even when they’re met with judgments, criticism, expectations, and disappointments. Everyone around us, whether they love us, support us and wish us well, or hate us and expect us to fail, will judge our choices. The most important thing when taking back the power to act is to learn to listen to ourselves and not to put the word of others before our own voice.

💪 Our voice is just as important as anyone else’s, it counts, so we give it room to build a life that resembles our desires and ambitions.

You deserve to free yourself

Is it easy? Not at all! But in general, nothing is easy. Indeed, we’re oppressed from all sides. If it’s not those around us who limit our power, then our gender, our sexual orientation, our skin color, our age, our illness, our social background, etc. all have a hold over us that could limit us. But each of us deserves to free ourselves. With empowerment, we don’t wait for a seat to be offered to us, we sit down (even if it’s on the floor!)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Not necessarily. I don’t think everything is possible. Now that I’ve freed myself from my somewhat sexist upbringing as a girl, I’d like to become Hannah Schmitz, a strategist for the Red Bull racing team, and let’s be quick to say that it’s a dream that becomes less and less obvious with each birthday. Anyway, it’s fine, I don’t think we have to go after our dreams, but I think we’re all a part, of a small mechanism of change. If we all become aware of our worth, our power, our might, if we live and act on our convictions, our ambition, making and taking responsibility for our choices, being proud and aware of our place in the world, then we all have a chance to impact it.

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Female empowerment. Play it like Beyoncé! 🎤

I notice that very often, women still tend too much, voluntarily or involuntarily, to envy each other, to be jealous... The time of comedies in which women fight for a man’s favors is over! Make way for female empowerment! By taking back the power and carving out our place in the world, we fight for our rights, the rights of all of us. We’re lifting each other up. 🫶

No one symbolizes this female empowerment more than Beyoncé. An African American woman with an outstanding career, family life, and enough money to make her an incomparable working woman, she’s obviously an inspiration. Although very impressive, the star fights for female empowerment. Indeed, she encourages everyone to emancipate themselves, to become aware of their talents, abilities, and desires, so that they act as free and independent women. It’s also Beyoncé who can motivate and encourage us to reach our full potential and achieve our goals, especially when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zone. She sows the seed, it’s up to us to make it grow 🌱.

Editor’s note: It’s up to you!

If this article has resonated with you, and inspired you, it means that you’re ready to take the reins! But to do this, as Rosie explains, you first need to get to know yourself, and who you are, define your values, and your desires and give yourself the means to get what you deserve. This process isn’t easy and sometimes takes years, which is why we advise you to get good support at this stage. Don’t wait to make an appointment with a psychologist for a more serene and aligned life.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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