Curiosity, A Great Quality To Cultivate!

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“Curiosity is a terrible habit.” I think we’ve all heard this sentence at one time or another. It’s true that in our society, curiosity is considered a flaw. Not least because it’s unsettling. It can lead to lots of negative emotions, but that would be forgetting how beneficial curiosity can be. Why is it a good quality that should be cultivated? What does curiosity have in store for us? I bet it will drive you to read the rest of the article anyway 🤭...

Curiosity, A Great Quality To Cultivate!

Why should we be curious?

From the moment we’re born, our curiosity manifests itself. We take a curious look at our surroundings and learn to observe, manipulate, discover 👶. It’s a necessary quality that enables us to feel, interact and come alive. We’re driven by curiosity to explore the world. However, this isn’t just reserved for children, quite the opposite. I remember a moment in my adult life that illustrates this behavior:


I remember walking in Lyon, when I’d just moved to the city as a student. I’d heard about the old secret passages in the old town of Lyon. One day, as I was wandering around the old town, my curiosity was piqued by a half-open front door. It seemed to be one of these mysterious passages... Curiosity and the desire to know if it was really that, pushed me to cross the threshold. And as well as discovering a shortcut, I had the pleasure of seeing a magnificent 15th century courtyard, a real architectural gem!

The amazing thing about this quality is that it allows us to engage our attention and sharpen our senses so that our eyes and ears are wide open. It’s a way to be fully in the moment and to welcome what’s offered to us 🤗.

Cultivating a different mindset

If my memory seems anecdotal, it illustrates how much curiosity is associated with discovery. Of course, it wasn’t a big discovery, but it was a moment of joy that’s stayed in my memory for more than 12 years now. In general, curiosity pushes us to go off a well-trodden path, we shake up our habits, which allows us to go out of our comfort zone! It can be a source of inspiration and creativity to discover new things 😲. The more we cultivate this quality, the more flexible and open-minded we become!

It’s important to understand that curiosity is the basis of our intellectual development as human beings. It’s a rich quality that enables us to innovate, as we’ll want to go further. However, it’s also perceived negatively, especially during childhood when we inevitably heard the phrase mentioned in the introduction. Then, we associate it with something bad, and we daren’t be curious anymore 🤐...

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Why is it a “terrible habit”?

Even though I’ve presented several advantages of curiosity, it’s still associated with something pejorative in our society. Indeed, if children are told that it’s a terrible habit and adults are told that curiosity will be their downfall, it’s because of our history and the myths that have been passed down for centuries. The best example to illustrate this is the myth of a box containing all the evils of mankind that was opened by none other than... Pandora 😅.

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s curiosity led her to open the box containing the worst...

So there are lots of representations that show the dangers and the threats that weigh on people who are too curious. And if this exists, it’s to define an excess that shouldn’t be exceeded.

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Be curious, but not invasive

It’s clear from these myths that there’s a limit to curiosity. It can indeed be annoying when people have no answers to present, but it can be perceived as a violation of privacy when it goes too far...

Going back to my memory, before I walked through the door to the courtyard, I made sure that I was in a communal part of the building and that I wasn’t venturing into a totally private area. A quick glance at the doorbells to the apartments gave me the information I needed!

Yes, it’s a great quality, but only if it’s the right amount! You mustn’t overstep the mark and always take a step back. How do you know where the line is? Just remember this famous saying: “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you” 😬.

By remaining measured, our curiosity remains a healthy quality that’s essential for discovery and learning. It’s an incredible opening to the world and a way to enrich ourselves personally! So, let’s be curious and explore uncharted territory to grow in every sense of the word 🌱!

Editor’s note: Learn and discover every day

As Lauren rightly explains, curiosity is a wonderful quality that enables us to discover the world, to be open to others and new things and to learn every day. When was the last time you were curious? What did you gain from it? Tell us all about it in the comments! And if you feel bored or are stagnating in your life, it may be time to dare to discover new things... Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a coach to start this change.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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