Stop The Pressure Of Having A Crazy Sex Life, The Missionary Position Is Just As Good!

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“Err what, you’ve never tried the Moldovan wheelbarrow position?!”. No, Janine, I’ve never tested this sexual position, but your stunned look puts me under pressure... Honestly, who hasn’t experienced this during a discussion with your girlfriends? It’s happened to me and even if the Moldovan wheelbarrow doesn’t exist, I was judged on other sexual practices that I haven’t done. It seems like you have to do everything in bed to prove you have a crazy sex life... Just STOP to the end!

Stop The Pressure Of Having A Crazy Sex Life, The Missionary Position Is Just As Good!

Increasingly outlandish sexual tendencies

What, you’ve never tried rainbow kissing and candaulism? Wow, you must have a very boring sex life...

Yes, I’m caricaturing Janine (sorry if that’s your name, by the way 🤐 ), but it’s crazy how judgmental people can be about our sex lives. Today, I feel like you have to perform, almost theatrically, to prove you have a fulfilling sex life. There are even sexual trends. Before, you had to have done all the positions of the Kama Sutra outside the marital bed, now you have to try out BDSM and all the other practices...

So I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things, hey ☝️. Exploring new sex games can be a great way to break the routine and get your sex drive back. However, you shouldn’t do it because of pressure, either from your partner or from your desire to prove that you’re “hot”.

Nothing to prove about your sexuality

Today, it’s simple, we’re judged on everything. Quantity triumphs at the expense of quality, we’re hyper-consumers and this is reflected in our sex lives 🥴!

For example, when I was at college and through discussions with my friends at the time, I had the impression that we had to have a load of “one-night stands” to have stories to tell. Through that, you had to show how desirable you were and that you had a wild sex life...

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There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with lots of men, and no slut shaming from me, because I did it 😬. Nevertheless, it’s always worth asking yourself the right questions: What’s behind it? Is it genuinely for our pleasure, or is it to reflect an image of a crazy sex life? In short, questioning our practices allows us to take a step back and ask ourselves why we need to do them.

Putting pleasure back at the center

What’s important when we make love? Pleasure. Of course, we mustn’t forget consent, among other things. However, pleasure should be the rhythm of our sexual practices and not the need to show that we have an insane sex life. If before we weren’t supposed to talk about sex because it was taboo, now we almost set goals for ourselves, to the detriment of our true desire 😪.

So let’s set the record straight ⛪! What I mean by this is that we need to learn to free ourselves from the parasitic thoughts conveyed by society that have crept into our heads. We already have the pressure to perform in bed, so let’s not add the need to prove we have an exciting sex life.


Not in the mood for bondage? You have the right to say that it doesn’t appeal to you. It’s those who judge that are in the wrong…

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👉 How do you escape this pressure to have an insane life? By taking the time to listen to yourself and only be dictated by your deepest desires. This is actually what slow sex does, to go against the trends. What’s really crazy is to just enjoy yourself, far from what others think 🤗!

Editor’s note: My pleasure above all!

We don’t care if we’re not trendy or if we are, what counts is our pleasure, so don’t let the pressure get to you! Try new practices if you feel like it, or if you don’t feel like it, just say no! The most important thing is you, what are your desires? Your wishes? What do you need? A fulfilled sex life is important, if you’re having difficulties, questions, or doubts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a sexologist.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!

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