Right, I’m Taking My Pet To Work This Morning!

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There was a time when my office was an open space. There was also a time when I had a cat that I felt like I was abandoning him every morning. I would have loved to see him wandering between the desks throughout the day, getting cuddled and rubbing my legs. It probably would have made us all feel much more relaxed…

Right, I’m Taking My Pet To Work This Morning!

Pets in the office: A good idea for well-being at work?

Some time ago, I had regular appointments for acupuncture sessions. My practitioner shared the premises with a physio who, when he didn’t have an appointment, would leave the door to his surgery open to allow his dog to wander around 🐕. An adorable beast that you wouldn’t expect to find in a physio’s office, but which brings that touch of humanity and authenticity to an impersonal and cold place. Every week I was amused to see this dog in the waiting room. He clearly didn’t care about me. He would come and sniff me as I got out of the lift, but I would sit in the waiting room and watch him go about his life and time would fly.

A virtuous cohabitation with a bit of bite!

In English-speaking countries, this practice is much more widespread than in France, even if some companies are gradually starting to adopt it. It has to be said that recently the boundary between professional and personal life has become more blurred. Bringing your pet to work should no longer seem so unlikely. Especially as the benefits are significant. At least that’s what emerges from one of the few studies carried out on the subject in 2017 as part of the “Pet a wok” program. The Tissot publishing website gives us the figures on this subject:

  • 40% of people feel that it improves work-life balance
  • 24% of people feel that having dogs in the office promotes a more relaxed environment
  • 45% of people feel that having their dog helps reduce stress at work
  • 50% of employees who own a dog would like to be able to bring it into the office
  • The same study pointed to “increased performance and productivity, more motivation, involvement, well-being, and lower stress levels”.

A certain idea of modernity

Not so long ago, we pointed out the unhappy millennials at work or the explosion in the number of burn-outs 🤯 (especially since the pandemic). Well-being at work is therefore becoming a priority, and we know that pets contribute to well-being. It would therefore be more than logical to have them in the place where we spend most of our time: in the office. Some people avoid getting a pet because they can’t look after them during the day, but animals have a real impact on our mental health. They help reduce stress and act as emotional support. They also have an influence on our physical condition by slowing down the aging process of the brain. 🐕🦺

Allowing employees to bring their pets is also a sign of a company’s open-mindedness and modernity. It’s a good indicator of a company’s ability to understand and live with the times and to listen to its employees. All the more so as, if the benefits are numerous for the employee who is less stressed, calmer, and more relaxed, it also is for the employer who can now count on a more efficient, more creative, more involved, and therefore also more loyal employee.

👉 Indeed, if my dog’s there with me, I feel less stressed, so I’m more productive and happier at work, so I have less reason to be unhappy and want to leave. I’m therefore more loyal and faithful to my company. 

My dog in the office, ok, but what does the law say? 📃

Animals in the workplace are a great way of promoting social interaction and living together, but to be sure that everyone is comfortable, you must respect the opinions of everyone concerned. The opinion and the authorization of the employer too.

Kitten in the office

There’s nothing better than working with a kitten on your lap… But your employer has to agree.

The law doesn’t prohibit the presence of animals in the workplace, except of course in health establishments (excluding therapy requiring animals), companies in the food sector, and public administration. Before taking your kitten under your arm, check your company’s internal regulations and if they don’t object, ask for your employer’s permission, as well as that of your colleagues. Indeed, there are allergies, fears, or simply those who don’t like animals. The idea is that the animal in the workplace should bring joy and a little lightness, not strain relations between colleagues.

For absolute relaxation, you should also make sure that your pet is clean and check its civil liability insurance policy in case Fido the dog feels like chewing on the computer cables. 😦

You should therefore remember that when you want to bring your pet to the office, the most important thing is the permission and comfort of everyone. So maybe you should limit it to dogs and cats, don’t you think? (Sorry about your exotic pets) 🐍.

Editor’s note: An element of cohesion

Having experienced it first hand, a dog in the workplace has a huge impact, it relaxes you and creates a bond. You find yourself discovering Florence, the accountant, petting her dog (F. who is actually very friendly behind her serious look). So why not give it a try? As Rosie rightly explains, it’s something to be discussed beforehand with your superior and your colleagues. If everyone agrees, don’t hesitate. Have you ever brought your pet to work? Was it good for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy… It’s here and now!


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