6 Ideas To Keep Your Teenager Busy This Summer

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The vacations are just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you're probably dreading seeing your teen slumped on the couch being completely inactive, or even worse complaining about how bored they are. But what if they had some interesting projects planned for the summer that would help them acquire some new skills to bolster their resumes. It's time to consider the possibility of a healthier and more exciting schedule!


How do I keep my teenager throughout the summer months? 6 ideas

1. Sign them up for a sports course

sports course

Many towns and vacation clubs offer sports courses. It’s the perfect opportunity for your teenager to get good at a sport they already do all year, or even discover a new one. Doing this for a few hours a day, or even the whole day, and your teenager will be able to unwind and meet people their own age.

2. Why not try an artistic course?

Your child isn’t a fan of sport? Never mind! There are also more artistic courses on offer; drawing, painting, writing, or even music. Several groups and societies offer teens the chance to discover or perhaps become even better in a field of their choice.

3. Organize outdoor activities with friends

With you or with their friends, depending on whether your child is allowed to go out without an adult, plan outdoor group activities. Tree climbing, paintballing, swimming, going to the beach or the lake, water sports, horse riding… The possibilities are endless!

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4. Give cooking a go

Does your teen love fast-food, pizza or biscuits? Why not eat all of that, but make it yourself from scratch. A little bread bun over here, a tasty cookie over there. What could be better than cooking dishes you love!

5. Camping in the garden

Get out the tent, the sleeping bags, a few friends, chips, fizzy drinks and there you have it; a true wilderness camping experience for your teenager… but in the garden. That way, they will be having fun, and we won’t have to worry about whether they’re safe or not.

Don’t have a garden? Organize a picnic or a pajama party with video games, board games, blind taste-testing games.

6. Encourage them to find a job

jobs for teens

Being a teenager often means wanting your own independence. So, help your teen to fend for themselves and earn their own money by suggesting to them that they work this summer. Young people can start work from the age of 14, under certain conditions:

  • During the summer break, lasting at least 14 days
  • With a work agreement
  • They must carry out light tasks that will not have any impact on their safety or health
  • They must be given a continuous break which is equal to at least half of the total duration of the vacation
  • They shouldn’t work more than 7 hours a day or more than 35 hours a week
  • Their pay must be the same as at least 80% of the minimum wage
  • Babysitting, paper rounds, tutoring, etc. There is definitely a little job they can do to keep them busy over the summer.

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Editor’s opinion – Vacation first and foremost

Vacations are also when you should have some free time. If your teen isn’t doing anything, that’s fine too. Learning how to be bored is crucial. We grow up and develop by having time to do nothing. But be careful, the vacations are also a time for us to disconnect! So, we would also encourage you to take breaks away from your computer and smartphone. Why not take this opportunity to reconnect with reading, even through an audiobook, or get back in touch with nature by discovering beautiful landscapes…that you can post on Instagram!

🤗 Understand yourself, accept yourself, be happy... Let’s do it here and now!


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