Quality Of Life At Work, An Important Issue!

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One of the things that attract me the most when I apply to a company is the quality of life they offer. And be careful, when I say the quality of life, it’s not just about having a table football table in the break room, with a bowl of fresh fruit. It’s a set of aspects that will enable me to feel good at work. What are they? How do you define it, and why is it such an important issue? Quality of life is a vector for performance and well-being, and it can make all the difference. Let’s explain.

Quality Of Life At Work, An Important Issue!

What is quality of life at work?

Quality of life at work, otherwise known as QWL, doesn’t just have one definition, but several according to the ANI of 2013. So here’s what it tells us:

  • 👉 The first thing to bear in mind is that QWL is about working conditions and therefore whether they allow you to perform your tasks well.
  • 👉 It has a double objective of actions that enable the improvement of working conditions and the performance of the company.
  • 👉 It’s also qualified as a global feeling of well-being at work, whether collectively or individually.
  • 👉 And finally, it also refers to the participation of employees to express themselves and act on the content of their work.

QWL is a general principle that allows us to define whether we feel good in our company 🤗.

What are the factors of quality of life at work?

For quality of life at work to be a positive experience, it must be based on factors that allow different aspects to be assessed. This is what makes it possible to detail the third definition so that one or more employees can express themselves on QWL. This, therefore, includes at least:

  • the atmosphere / social climate,
  • the company culture,
  • the interest of the work,
  • the working conditions,
  • the feeling of involvement,
  • the degree of autonomy,
  • accountability,
  • equality,
  • the right for everyone to make mistakes,
  • recognition at work,
  • validation of the work done.

Why is quality of life at work important?

When you see all the factors that influence quality of life at work, you understand that it’s a major issue 🧐. I think any employee can attest to this, well-being is an essential component of a job well done. It’s easy to see this, all employees will be more productive and invested if quality of life at work is taken into consideration.

On the other hand, it’s still possible to ask about the true drive behind a company’s decision to put in place positive QWL 🤔. However, whether it’s for the real aim of taking care of employees or for the purpose of performance, the observation is simple. Poor quality of life at work will result in: less productivity, more absenteeism (often caused by presenteeism), high turnover, increased burn-outs, demotivated employees...

10 to 12%: this is the productivity gain thanks to happiness at work!

The example that makes the difference: The company LDLC 👏

The company LDLC is renowned for its quality of life at work. Notably, because it’s one of the few companies in France to have switched to a 4-day week, without any reduction in salary. It also offers many social benefits and, surprisingly (or not), it’s one of the French companies doing the best. Since the reduction in employee working hours, productivity has jumped by 40%. Not to mention that it has a very low rate of absenteeism and turnover, and even offers working from home when possible (depending on the position).

QWL, a key issue

Although QWL is an obvious point for employees, some companies still have difficulty grasping its importance 😅. At least, it’s still considered too much from just the point of view of performance. However, QWL cannot be considered in “isolation” from the company’s projects. It should automatically be placed at the center of supervisors’ and managers’ concerns.

Without active listening, consideration, support, and respect for employees, a company can’t progress ⚠️. Personally, I know that the best way to drive me away from a company is when there’s too much infantilization and pressure. If trust isn’t reciprocated, it’s impossible to fully invest myself. So performance shouldn’t be the only goal, other points such as attractiveness shouldn’t be neglected.

Today, work is an essential component of our existence, and this is what makes it possible to end up being forced to work in a company where the QWL isn’t good. This is why we mustn’t hesitate to fight for our social rights 💪! But above all, we should leave if we have the possibility to find a company that doesn’t neglect the quality of life at work in all its aspects. It’s crucial to be in a healthy environment to avoid suffering at work.

Editor’s note: Of capital importance

Because we spend most of our days at work, it’s important to feel good, supported, listened to, and appreciated for our true value. This is what makes us feel good, what makes us want to give ourselves for our work and the company. It’s therefore a major challenge, and managers have understood this. If you aren’t lucky enough to work in a caring environment at work, if you feel that you don’t fit in, or worse, if you get up every morning with a feeling of dread, contact a psychologist to talk about it and put solutions in place.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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