Kindness, A Valuable Life Skill. Why Should We Be Kind?

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“Oh, she’s as friendly as a prison door, that one!” This is a thought I had about a baker who didn’t say a word to me, except to tell me the price of her bread. I always try to be polite, cheerful, and above all kind to others. Although I’m not the most sociable person, I find that it makes all the difference in our relationships with others. Kindness is a valuable life skill, but it may be becoming increasingly rare. Why do we need to be kind? What are the codes for showing it? Here are some explanations.

Kindness, A Valuable Life Skill. Why Should We Be Kind?

Kindness, a quality that’s becoming scarcer?

Let’s define kindness. For me, it is benevolent behavioral attitude towards others. It implies that you should be polite, and helpful and give a certain amount of attention to others. Except that in an increasingly individualistic society, where we have to move fast, be efficient, and above all productive, we forget a bit about the basics, i.e. kindness 😥.

👉 There have been times when I’ve forgotten to say hello to a sales assistant because I wanted to get some information quickly. Of course, I end up noticing this, and I apologize, because I wouldn’t like anyone else to behave the same way as me.

Yes, but not everyone corrects themselves. So, kindness gives way to coldness, or even worse, indifference. Not to mention that the desire to move quickly isn’t the only problem. There are people who think they’re superior to others because of their job or social status. Yes indeed, there are people who think there are trades that are worth less, and therefore they don’t take care to be polite to the people who do them. We’re at sixes and sevens, aren’t we 😅?

Why is kindness a valuable life skill?

Although there are some narrow-minded people, as mentioned above, we can’t say the same for the whole population. Nevertheless, we may forget why kindness is a valuable life skill. First of all, being kind can help us create and maintain positive relationships with others 🤗. Perhaps some people will tell themselves that they don’t want to have a positive relationship with someone they’ll never see again. However, overall, it shows others what kind of person you are. We’re more likely to bond and make friends by being kind and showing empathy, than by pulling a six-foot-long face. That’s right 😬!

Spreading a good mood

Kindness can also create a positive and pleasant atmosphere, whether it be for others or yourself 😌. In fact, being kind helps to spread an atmosphere of good humor that can improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

👉 When I’m courteous to a cashier, it feels good because they return my politeness. I feel like smiling and encouraging them by saying “good luck”, because I’m grateful for the work they do for the smooth running of society.

👷‍♂️👩‍⚕️ We can think back to the beginning of the pandemic, with all the “essential” jobs that kept the world going while most of us were in lockdown. I’m thinking of the carers, the cashiers, the delivery people, etc. Being kind only makes their demanding day a little sweeter.

A moral and ethical quality

In fact, what we need to understand is that kindness is a moral and ethical quality. It’s essential as it helps to contribute to a more just and tolerant society. Yes, a hello can make a difference and have a huge impact on the lives of others. More globally and on a large scale, if we all demonstrated qualities like kindness, I’m sure we’d live in a world where everyone would be treated with more equality and respect 🌍.

Of course, sometimes we’re in a bad mood, but is it normal to transmit our negative emotions to others? No. The people around us aren’t responsible for our bad mood, which is why we need to work on this quality.

This article may help you >>> How to manage your emotions serenely

How do we develop this quality?

You could just say that you need to be polite. Sure, saying hello and goodbye is a basic principle when addressing someone, but there’s more to being kind than that. Here’s how to develop this quality 👇:

  • Help others when they need it: whether it’s a little old lady with her shopping basket, friends moving house or a lost person finding their way.
  • Show gratitude: as you might say, a thank you isn’t a big deal! Yes, it’s free, and there’s a good chance that it will be appreciated and that it will do some good.
  • Practice active listening: put your phone away and do a little digital detox until the conversation is over. This way, you really focus on what the person is saying to you, which is a sign of respect!
  • Be patient and understanding: everyone has their own life, their own rhythm, their own difficulties, so being understanding and patient can make a difference, even when others don’t react as you’d like.

It’s important to note that these examples aren’t exhaustive, and there are many other ways to show kindness to others. One option is to add a smile, for instance. Although as a woman, I’m tired of being told to smile. I only do it if I really want to and especially if it’s not required of me 😁! In fact, the important thing is to be aware of our actions and behavior towards others. That’s what makes the big difference in being truly kind and changing someone’s day 😉!

Editor’s note: A precious quality

As you’ll have seen, kindness is precious and a great quality for living together. What about you, then? Are you the kind type or not really? Practice, give, and you’ll see the impact you can have on others. And if people say that you’re not kind, that you’re withdrawn, maybe it’s your shell? If you feel that something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a psychologist.

🤗 Understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being happy... It’s here and now!


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