Love Bombing: The New Addictive Seduction Technique

I once met a guy who promised me the world. From the beginning, he gave his all, so I believed in his sincerity. In the end, I was ghosted just a few weeks into our relationship. It was a real shock, and I didn’t know that it was a seduction technique for some people! Let’s take a closer look at this new romantic trend that’s causing havoc…


The meaning of love bombing: What is it?

Frankly, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to relationships and seduction techniques 😥. Between sneating and ghosting, there was already quite a lot, until the arrival of love bombing. But what is it? 💣 Pretty positive wording… Only, there’s nothing good about this method of seduction.

😖 The American psychiatrist Dale Archer took a closer look at this trend and explained that it’s a narcissistic pervert ploy.

Getting love bombed, or how to get hooked

The problem is that this seduction technique is very unhealthy. The person will be very demonstrative at the beginning of the flirtation period to get immediate affection from us. A sort of dependence will then be established: we’re given a lot of love without limits all of a sudden, of course, we want it to last! Only, the manipulator will suddenly turn their back on us and abandon us.

Are dating apps to blame?

Like many people, I thought I was safe from this type of behavior until I experienced it myself. We’re never safe from running into a megalomaniac through our encounters. The problem is that they’re everywhere, especially on social media dedicated to love. Yes, people using love bombing, consciously or not, are quite common on dating apps.

Facilitating encounters

In our society, we have the choice, including for relationships. With one swipe, we have tens, hundreds, even thousands of men and women to meet. 🤳 So why stay with the same person when we can have whoever we want when we want on our smartphone? Of course, not everyone thinks like that, it is indeed a particular profile.

Who does love bombing?

As we said before, it’s the narcissistic manipulators who display this type of behavior and who do love bombing. They need a lot of attention on them and to feel loved, even adored, to feel good. There’s a major psychological disorder behind this behavior, which is why it’s important to protect yourself from it.

The other person will do everything to make us believe that we’re in a beautiful, loving relationship. When we let go and fall into this relationship, they take delight, then move onto something else to start again in order to flatter their ego.

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How to know if you’re a victim of it?

The most complicated thing is that the other person makes fiery declarations to us. They cover us in love, attention, and presents. But the worst thing is that they keep their promises… at the start. An evening in a big restaurant here, a love letter there, even a trip to Venice! Of course, very romantic stories do exist, but there are still behaviors that are signs of love bombing.

In particular, if the other person shows sudden changes in behavior, one minute it’s going great and then the next day it’s going down like a damp squib. If you see that everything is going very quickly, that you find the other person very cheerful, you should be wary. Manipulators want things to evolve very quickly. So the best way to counter this behavior is to take it slowly at the start. Especially if you don’t know them well, you have to be wary of the fake prince charming 🤴.

💔 It’s the best way to preserve your little heart and not develop a fear of romantic relationships!

Editor’s note: Suffering not to be underestimated

Love bombing can cause immense suffering and incomprehension. Moreover, it’s hard not to fall for it, we all want to believe in it… If you’ve been a victim of love bombing, you need to talk about it to your close circle or a psychologist in order to externalize what happened and give a name to your feelings, so that you can close this difficult period and learn lessons for your future relationships.

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