Why Is Christmas Even More Important During The Covid Pandemic?

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When we think back to last year and the holiday season, overeating, overspending and election debates around the table whilst eating turkey spring to mind. When we look back, we realize that it was a ‘normal Christmas’ and there was nothing too out of the ordinary about it. This year however is a lot different. With Christmas approaching, we’re still very much in the dark about how we’re going to celebrate it. That said, the period has never seemed so important and necessary to acknowledge.


COVID-19: Christmas is more eagerly awaited than ever

With this pandemic, it has become difficult to project ourselves because we just don’t know what’s around the corner. We’ve been living with the unknown for months now and it has thrown all of our plans up in the air. Today, with the Christmas holidays fast approaching, even the least enthusiastic amongst us seem to revel in the magic of this time of year, but why?

Christmas to end the year on a high note

Beyond the gifts and glasses of champagne shared with precious family, Christmas is a time for reunions, hugs, kisses and affection. It’s probably the least compatible holiday with the social distancing rules we’ve become accustomed to. This year, there’ll be no frantic shopping in crowded stores to find a gift for your mother-in-law. Although for some that might seem like a small victory, on the whole we’ll probably miss the rush and last-minute preparations that go with this special event. This year will be the occasion to rejoice in our blessings and to celebrate responsibly of course with our closest loved ones. The Christmas atmosphere, although stressful for some, typically gets us in the good mood and gives us a chance to reflect on where we are.

The holidays apart but our relatives are in fact closer than ever

What will Christmas 2020 look like? Lockdown and curfews could still be part of the festivities, but we won’t let that take away from the glad tidings of the season. Although this year the holidays will be a little different that doesn’t mean they won’t be just as special. Yes, there will probably be less people around the table and less kissing under the mistletoe but the past few months will have opened our eyes to what matters. Whether we toast with mulled wine via Zoom or create small bubbles, our hearts will all be there together and love will reign strong.

COVID-19 is still around and whatever your thoughts on Christmas, don’t let it ruin your celebrations or stop you from making memories. Treat it as an opportunity to share the love you have for your family and friends whilst making effort to respect the guidelines. The only surprise visit we want at this time of the year is Santa and definitely not Coronavirus.

Editor's note - The importance of going back to basics

In all cultures, the family is of paramount importance. Christmas has always been an opportunity to reunite the family and even if we sometimes begrudge it, we all need to come together, to form a clan and strengthen our union. Christmas is very often an opportunity to go back to our roots which is essential for us to refocus, to share our values and to learn who we are. Family reunions are also an opportunity to strengthen our sense of belonging to a group, which is essential in an individualistic and very anxious society. The family is a landmark and that is why this year we are clinging to the idea of Christmas as we know it, because more than ever we need stability.

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